"Thank you so much, I really enjoyed your class." This was the last sentence I said to my calc professor before exiting her class this past Friday.

The last day of classes comes every semester and is something that I looked forward to the most, it was also the day that left me the most confused.

While I was looking forward to this day, I could not help but experience a myriad of emotions as the final week of classes progressed.

I could not wait to be done with the classes and moreover get done with the finals but then something hit me.

I won't be a freshman anymore.

I won't be allowed to be clueless or act confused as an excuse.

I am not going to be the youngest class on campus.

I would be required to know answers to stuff that I am pretty sure I still do not know.

Addressing these worries of mine, I continued to every class of this week and as I walked out, I was excited for I was one step closer to the finish of the year. I was also scared to move onto the end.

The end.

I thought as my friend and I made our way out of our calc class.

This was it.

I was done with classes for freshman year and although I still have finals to take it was safe enough to say that I was going to be a sophomore sooner than I expected.

Be it every clueless chemistry class, or every clueless chemistry TA in the chemistry Lab who did not care if we knew more than what we were expected to know.

I think of the 8:30 a.m. classes that I used to whine and crib my way to, to the Cultural Anthropology class that made me cry more than anything.

To the calc lecture in which I experienced a roller coaster of emotions in 50-minute intervals. to the Professor and TA who knew I had a doubt about everything.

As I made my way to every class and got out of the last lectures, I could not help but be a little sad.

This had been a bittersweet experience. I may not have known what was going on most of the time but I do know one thing and that is that everything has left a great impact on me.

So many memories that I deeply cherish and lessons that I will carry along with me as I navigate my way through college.

Although the end of this semester was anticipated, it made me sad and it made me realize that everything comes to an end.

But every end is not just an end it is an invitation to a new beginning.

A beginning that I cannot wait for to see what every semester in the future has in store for me.