Larry David is a college student
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The Top Ten Times Larry David Channeled College Students

Larry David in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is everyone's spirit animal.

The Top Ten Times Larry David Channeled College Students

Larry David is the mastermind behind the iconic tv show, "Seinfeld", and is also the Producer and Star of his own tv show "Curb your Enthusiasm" on HBO. Something special about "Curb Your Enthusiasm", is that the show is not scripted, and all of the scenes given a goal, and then the jokes are done on the spot. Larry's famous one liners were pulled out on the spot and were not scripted or planned, hence the stellar delivery of his lines. Larry is a comedic genius who does a great job at capturing the things that normal people thin, but don't say.

Avoiding the Stop and Chat

Nobody likes to have to stop and talk to someone they barely know when they run into them, all it does is make for awkward small talk.

The horrors of the dating scene

If only Larry was young during the age of tinder...

Being done with listening to people talk

When the groups of friends talking in library becomes too much to handle.

When you just need a night to yourself

Sometimes we all need a Friday night alone and away from other people!

The need for a Starbucks before class

We all need a Vanilla Bullshit drink to make us happy sometimes. Who's ever been sad while drinking a drink thats basically a milkshake??

The awkwardness of being in social situations

Larry understand the security of being able to hold onto something while going out. All of our social anxiety friends out there will relate to this one.

The over-apologizing nature of our generation

When someone tells you "No need to apologize, you didn't do anything wrong!"

When you're kind at heart but it never seems to show

Well unfortunately for college kids doing nice things requires time or money so....

Trying to make friends with the other kids in your classes

Nothing like elevating to medium talk by going from chatting about the next assignment to asking them about their love life.

The only appropriate way to respond when someone asks you how you are doing

Never tell the truth when someone asks you how you're feeling.

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