10 Ways You Are Literally Lara Jean From 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

10 Ways You Are Literally Lara Jean From 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

In the spirit of TATBILB officially, officially getting a sequel here is a little bit more of Lara Jean Covey to get you in the spirit!


Warning you now, we are about to head into some spoilers. So if you have not seen the movie (watch it since it has been out a fat minute) do not A. Complain about the spoilers or B. Read if you are expecting a spoiler-free read.

1. You romanticize everything.

Opening scene...


When the movie opens Lara Jean is dreaming about her neighbor/best friend/sisters ex-boyfriend meeting her in the "forest of desire." She is basically living out a bodice ripper scene but in less pervy detail. Then there is the whole field or garden of desire. After she goes into how she "fell in love" with the boys its pretty clear that Lara tends to jump the gun when it comes to those she is interested in.

I myself can attest to doing that as well. I mean sometimes being nice and funny are just characteristics of an amazing human and other times in my mind...well it just makes me love you. Not in an obsessive 'I am going to write love letters to you' way just in a split second daydream about a fake life together sort of way. Completely normal right....? Well if you are like me and do this then you are one step closer to being a Lara Jean.

2. You have a favorite scrunchie.

Lara Giving Peter her Favorite Scrunchies


You love scrunchies! Scrunchies are fashionable and extremely bulky like me. They hold up all of my thick hair and will never break or snap on you at purely unreasonable moments. Can we just take a moment to enjoy the fact that Peter had no problem putting this gorgeous girly scrunch on his arm at a high school party?


We love!

3. You are obsessed with 80s' John Hughes films.

Copying one of the intro shots from sixteen candles


If you are not a fan of John Hughes movies you can see your way out of my life right now! John Hughes is the master of the 80s and I may argue the romantic comedy/high school movie. While we love him, honestly, his movies gave me and Lara Jean a very unrealistic view of both high school, romance, and the bad boy. I mean what boy likes to walk about with his hand in your pocket? Also what boy wants you to give him one of your diamond earrings? Then what jock boy finally sees the strange basket girl as the one that he wants? Also in the real world, I am pretty sure that we wouldn't end up with Jake. We all probably end up with a Ducky.

Thanks for the movies John but wish some of the life advice aside from the fact that "we're all pretty bizarre" was a little better.

4. You can rock some combat boots.

Lara Jean Covey waiting for the rude chick to stop harassing her gorgeous boots....


It cannot be unheard of to say that Lara has style! Her outfits range from the 90s, 80s, and early 2000s while having a bit of the modern. She rocks the vintage and brings it into today. While we may try to aspire to have her flare...well we try right? If you can hardcore get down to rocking some combat boots you are a Lara Jean for sure! Also, your love for vintage and past culture makes you a bit like her too!

5. You can't keep your room straight.


This is a very tame mess by my standards but still her room is a mess nonetheless. Throughout the movie she basically gets messier and messier along with her life until she ultimately decides to clean them both. Also when you go to clean your room it seems to just get slightly messier until ultimately you sort of make sense of the madness.

6. You can't keep your life straight.


If you have had a freakout in a bathroom after gym class.

If your secret love letters have ever suddenly been sent out.

If your crush from the dance suddenly encounters you in the bathroom and says that he's gay and instantly seems to become your best friend over face masks and boy talk.

If you keep your nose in a book and out of reality.

Has one of the most popular boys in school suddenly developed a crush for you and you create a contract to fake date by fall massively in love with him?

Are you also slightly in love with your best friend or sisters ex-boyfriend?

If your room is a complete mess it must mean it resembles your life!

Honestly, Lara Jean Covey just can't seem to keep her life or room straight and neither can you.

7. You are extremely awkward in an adorable way. 


How do you eat baby carrots silently? Honestly, most hard foods are loud so stop being so judgmental girl in a library. A little noise never hurt a serious reader.

That's beside the point. You tend to have a serious of awkward events known as your life occur. You fall or maybe you almost fall and catch yourself. Mostly though you fall. Maybe not off the roof in order to avoid your ex-best friend and sisters ex-boyfriend but her you sure fall.

8. You write down your feelings.


In addition to falling, you tend to fall head over heels. You fall so very hard that you simply need to write it all out otherwise the blob of your spoken words will just mess the whole thing up. So you write write write and you feel oh so much better!

9. You are a grandma driver. 

We Heart It

Do you clutch the wheel promptly at 10 and 2? Do you take quick glances and still somehow manage to accidentally run over your past crush? Too specific? You are a sucky driver nontheless. Heck people feel better wearing a helmet when you are behind the wheel.

10. You are also secretly not-so-secretly-in-love with Noah Centineo... I mean, Peter Kavinsky.


Honestly, who isn't in love with Noah Centineo? I'll wait....can't tell me of anyone. I know because he is so very adorable! As Peter Kavinsky Noah seemed to steal our hearts as well as Lara's scrunchie.

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10 Great Disney Movies That Also Teach Important Life Lessons

The best way to teach a life lesson is through song and some awesome animation.

While children's movies are silly, fun and enjoyable overall, they also usually teach life lessons as well. No one does this better than Disney. Hidden within the catchy songs and great animation are important lessons about friendship, love and going for what you believe is right. Here are 10 great Disney movies that have taught so many people important lessons.

1. "Lilo and Stitch"

Lilo and Stitch is an overall fun movie about an alien experiment that become the pet of a human girl and the develop a lasting friendship. The life lesson this movie teaches is that someone does not need to be related to you by blood in order to be family. Also, that just because someone is different, that does not mean that they should not be treated fairly. Lilo was able to see past Stitch's weird looks and behavior and loved him just like she would love any pet. Eventually her sister learned to love Stitch as well and accepted him as part of the family.

2. "Mulan"

Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies because of the lesson it teaches, to be yourself and to do what you believe is right, even if other people disagree with you. This movie is a classic honor story where Mulan goes to fight in the war in the place of her father to prove herself, even though she knows if she is discovered it will bring dishonor to her family. I think this movie is so important for kids because is shows that you can do what ever you want regardless of your gender. This movie also emphasizes the strength of girl power and that having a pretty face is not everything.

3. "The Lion King"

Another Disney classic, the Lion King follows the story of Simba as he grows and becomes the eventual leader of his pack after a heated battle with his uncle. This movie teaches kids about loss, regret and not being afraid to face your fears. The central conflict of this story is when Mufasa dies trying to save Simba and Simba blames himself for his father's death and leaves his pack because he is afraid to face everyone. When his evil uncle Scar takes control he knows he has to go back and faces his fear of rejection and blame to help his family.

4. "Frozen"

Frozen was an instant phenomenon with catchy tunes and the power of sisterly love. This story teaches kids that there is nothing wrong with independence and sometimes all the support you ever need is support from your family. This story also teaches kids that it is not good to suppress your emotions because eventually all that pent up energy will come out in a bad way.

5. "Beauty and the Beast"

Another classic, this movie follows the story of an avid reader who ends up having to serve who the town call a monster but Belle sees through his thick skin to his kind heart. This movies teaches us that you cannot judge a book by its cover and that it is who someone is inside that counts. Also that reading is awesome and having knowledge is power.

6. "The Princess and the Frog"

This is another girl power story where a middle class girl wants to open her own restaurant because that was always her father's dream and no matter what she is willing to do what she needs to in order to succeed. This movie teaches the importance of hard work and determination and teaches children that they can do what ever they put their minds, even if all the odds are against them.

7. "Tangled"

"Tangled" is a fun loving movie about an eccentric girl who decides to venture out of the tower she has been trapped in her whole life and goes on the adventure of a lifetime.This movies shows us that sometimes the people who are supposed to care for us or claim to care for us do not actually have our best interest in mind and that it is okay to go outside of your comfort zone.

8. "Brave"

"Brave" follows Merida, a feisty girl who does not like to take orders but this gets her into some trouble with her mom and their relationship is put to the test. This movie teaches children that while sometimes you might fight with your mom, family is very important and having the ability to listen to each other is all it takes. Also, this movie teaches children that there is nothing wrong with not conforming to gendered beliefs and activities and that there is nothing wrong with being independent.

9. "Cinderella"

This is a classic just deserts movie where the good, taken-advantaged-of person gets the guy and the evil people get nothing. This story teaches us that treating people meanly gets you no where in life and that if you do what is right, even when the odds are against you, then you will be rewarded.

10. "Mary Poppins"

Last but certainly not least, "Mary Poppins" the story of an out of this world nanny who is both strict but also magical. Poppins teaches us that we should always strive for perfection and that you can both work and have fun at the same time and having an imagination is not a bad thing either. She also teaches the hard lesson of being able to say goodbye and move on to the next opportunity when the time comes.

Cover Image Credit: Pintrest

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'Aquaman' Is A Step In The Right Direction For DC To Measure Up To The Marvel Empire

"Aquaman" had his share of fin-tastic moments and moments that still left you asking, "Water you doing?!"


The release of "Aquaman" took the box office by typhoon recently, reaching $1.02 billion globally and is second only to "The Dark Night Rises" in DC movie performance. Superhero fans everywhere have fallen in love with Jason Momoa's rendition of "Aquaman," and I bet you'll see a good amount of kids dressed up as this human-Atlantean come costume parties and Halloween time.

Although enjoyed by many, I thought this movie was more on the cliché side of the superhero movie spectrum, and it will take a long time for DC to measure up to the empire that Marvel has built over the years. Although many people had previously preferred the superheroes in the DC Universe and grew up loving the Justice League through the comics, the movies more or less destroyed that fan base. Plus, with the new generation of children looking for who their favorite hero should be, Marvel has had the upper hand.

Besides the advantage that Marvel has over the DC franchise in the quality of computer animation, screenwriting, and amount of star actors that make up the infamous Avengers, Marvel had the leg up on DC starting with the release of "Iron Man" in 2008. Marvel did a great job of planning out the timeline of their superhero movies. By introducing the main members of the Avengers (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America) with their own solo movies before releasing the full collaboration with "Avengers," the audience was able to build a relationship with these characters which led them to flood into theaters at the sound of a movie featuring all of their new favorite superheroes. The cycle is simple to see. Introduce new heroes in their own solo movies and then a couple of movies later, tie them all together and make their stories intertwine.

When you look at what DC did with their movies, it's a bit of a different story. For a while, they were doing well. With the separate Batman and Superman movies—fans were raving about their love for those two and their rivalry. It all fell with the release of "Batman v Superman" in 2016 and "Suicide Squad" in the same year. In my opinion, "Batman v Superman" was not that great of a movie, and here we see the introduction of Wonder Woman before her full-length movie. We see this again when "Justice League" came out in 2017 where out of the six featured members of the League, only half of them had had a full-length movie released beforehand. This doesn't allow the audience to really connect to the rest of the team and fall in love with them like they could so easily with The Avengers. But with the success of the solo Wonder Woman movie and the recent success of "Aquaman," the tides may start to be changing.

"Aquaman" takes its audience on a grand adventure, introducing the origin story of how Arthur Curry, played by Jason Momoa, came to be Aquaman and how he tackles waves of challenges to finally inherit the throne as the true King of Atlantis. The sequence of events in this movie makes a lot of sense and doesn't leave the audience confused at points where they don't understand the purpose of a scene. A majority of the people coming to watch the movie that knew of Aquaman never really knew his story from the original version, and the extent of knowledge about Aquaman is that he has the ability to communicate with aquatic animals and breathe underwater. Because of this, I think DC did a great job of taking this character and really making it their own, and more appealing to this modern era. Just look at the old DC comics of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Our recent movie depictions of them are fairly similar looking to the comic book versions. Then, look at Momoa as Aquaman. DC is starting to head in the right direction.

Before we continue, I must give you a SPOILER ALERT. We're going to take a deep dive into this movie to break it down and let you know what this may mean for the DC franchise and to do that I'm going to have to reference specific parts of this movie. Also, I promise this was the last of the ocean puns.

There were a lot of great things about this movie that shows some potential for the future of DC. If you're a movie-goer just looking for a fun movie to watch with friends and family, this is a solid choice. The story is easy to follow for little kids, and as a whole, the costumes in this movie were amazing enough for all ages to appreciate. From the simplest things like the tribal-like tattoos all over Aquaman's body to the outfit he sports as he emerges from the waterfall yielding the trident of King Atlan, it is a very modern and cool take on the persona of Aquaman, far from the 1960s original.

The love story between Arthur's parents, Tom Curry and Atlanna, played by Temuera Morrison and Nicole Kidman respectively, was so beautiful and was such a heartwarming moment for the audience when, after waiting every day at the end of the dock for his wife to return, they are finally reunited.

The action scenes were very entertaining, especially because they did a great job of highlighting the different environments the characters were fighting in and showing how it brings out the strengths and weaknesses between Arthur and his brother Orm, played by Patrick Wilson.

I thought the CGI was stellar in this movie as well. When traveling underwater, the hair of the characters move so gracefully as if they were naturally underwater when filming. During the first fight scene between Arthur and Orm in the ring of fire, the special effects of the ripples in the water every time their tridents collided were amazing to see. Plus, who can forget about the scene when Arthur and Mera, played by Amber Heard, first reach the dangerous trench and encounter those insane monsters? The improved CGI in this movie and in "Wonder Woman" has really been helping DC get back in the game.

On the other hand, there were a lot of things holding this movie back from reaching Marvel-level. If you're one of those people looking for a quality movie to watch full of high-level cinematography and well thought out dialogue between characters, you won't find it here. Let's start with the first moment Arthur comes on screen. He bursts into the sub and that rockstar electric guitar riff plays and his first words are "Permission to come aboard?" ARE YOU SERIOUS? I actually laughed out loud in the theater when he said that. It is so cliché, but it's also DC, so it leaves me to wonder if it was done on purpose as a comedic moment or it was just poor writing.

Speaking of comedy in this film, it was definitely full of moments of times that seemed funny that weren't intended to be and times that tried to be funny but didn't even get a single chortle from the audience. Take for example almost every scene with Black Manta in it. When he was in his little workspace trying to create a new suit fusing his style with the Atlantian technology, he narrowly dodges a laser beam shot out from the new helmet he was creating. He looks up to see his helmet destroyed and says "Hmm. Think I'm gonna need a bigger helmet." The writers don't stop there with that terrible line. They actually give the audience the bigger helmet! Although the costuming overall was great, Black Manta's was a complete disaster making him look more like a huge beetle than a manta ray. His whole storyline with Aquaman seems forced, and I was a bit disappointed to see in the end credits that he would be seen in the sequel to this movie if it is made.

In addition, although I did say that the CGI was beautiful in this movie, it does get a little bit overwhelming throughout. As scenes move, the underwater cities become too blurred as the camera pans and the colorful buildings become kind of dull and boring by the end.

In terms of Jason Momoa's take on Aquaman, I thought it was cool to see a more laid back, almost surfer like kind of superhero, but at times, the immaturity of his character kind of took away from him making relationships with other characters. The chemistry between him and Mera didn't seem real enough, and I feel as though the deep meaning of his relationship with Vulko, played by Willem Dafoe, wasn't expressed to the audience as well as it should have been.

Overall, "Aquaman" and its warm acceptance by fans all over the world shows DC's great progress in making better films and restrengthening their franchise. However, it's going to take a lot more than King Arthur of Atlantis and Princess Diana of Themyscira to rebuild DC to even compare to what Marvel has built.

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