Potential landing spots for Flacco, Foles, and Brown in 2019
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Potential Landing Spots For Brown, Flacco, And Foles

Joe Flacco, Antonio Brown, and Nick Foles appear to be moving on from their current teams. There are plenty of options for these outstanding players. Each of them will bring much-needed value to their new teams in 2019.


Joe Flacco would have been considered an all-time great half a decade ago. He is a Super Bowl MVP and he led the Ravens to the playoffs 6 times in his first seven seasons, including 2 AFC North division titles. Despite his achievements, it appears Flacco will be moving on from Baltimore.

Antonio Brown has left his mark in Pittsburgh. Brown has separated himself with not only his peers, but from great Steelers wideouts of the past. After a recent falling out with the organization, Brown will most likely wear a different uniform in 2019. Brown will be a coveted player when it comes to trade and the Steelers know it.

Nick Foles has had quite the career with the Philadelphia Eagles. He led them to the postseason in 2013. He's a Super Bowl MVP. But after the magic ran out against the Saints, it's possible Foles won't return to the Philly.

1. Joe Flacco: Miami Dolphins

Miami hasn't had a superstar under center since Dan Marino retired. It has also been 19 seasons since the Dolphins' last playoff win. Flacco may not be in his prime, but a move to Florida could be the exact fresh start Flacco needs.

2. Joe Flacco: Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens chose Lamar Jackson over Joe Flacco. John Harbaugh made this clear when he referred to Lamar Jackson as the future of the Ravens. This wouldn't be the first time a Super Bowl-winning quarterback left town to play for their division rival. Plus, Andy Dalton has not proved to be the quarterback the Bengals need. Flacco is definitely an upgrade.

3. Joe Flacco: Denver Broncos

The Broncos just hired their new head coach, Vic Fangio. Denver has all the pieces it needs to compete in the AFC West. With the Chiefs in the AFC championship, the Broncos need a quarterback to get back into the mix. Flacco has proved in Baltimore he can work with a defensive minded head coach such as Harbaugh and Fangio. He could be the right quarterback John Elway and the Broncos are looking for.

4. Joe Flacco: Jacksonville Jaguars

Even though it feels as if it was decades ago, it wasn't that long ago when the Jacksonville Jaguars went toe to toe with the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship. The Jaguars fell hard in 2018. They were at the doorstep of the Super Bowl one year, and in the last place in the AFC South the next. Jacksonville is incredibly talented, the only thing they need is an elite quarterback. A Super Bowl MVP is just what the doctor ordered. Joe Flacco could definitely compete in the AFC South.

5. Antonio Brown: Green Bay Packers

A few things need to happen in Green Bay. First, Aaron Rodgers needs another elite receiver for the offense. Second the Packers need to make a big move for an elite player like Antonio Brown. New head coach Matt Lafleur should make it very clear he's here to win. The Packers have 2 first round draft picks this spring, and a once in a generation player like Brown is worth at least one of those picks.

6. Antonio Brown: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers believe they have the answer at quarterback with Jimmy Garoppolo. He missed the majority of 2018 due to injury. If Garoppolo can remain healthy, a dominant receiver like Brown is exactly what the 49ers need.

7. Antonio Brown: Carolina Panthers

The Panthers were off to an excellent start in 2018. However they fell to 7-9 on the season. Cam Newton has not had a Hall of Fame receiver since Steve Smith left in 2014. Antonio Brown would feel right at home in Carolina, adding a whole new dimension to the offense.

8. Antonio Brown: Chicago Bears

The upside of Brown joining the Bears is the salary cap. All of the other teams in the NFC North have problems paying other players since their quarterbacks eat up so much of the salary cap. The Bears have a little more wiggle room in order to sign more players for their offense.

9. Nick Foles: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers new coach Bruce Arians ran plenty of successful offenses in Indianapolis and Arizona. Jameis Winston has yet to take the next step as a franchise quarterback. Nick Foles has taken the Eagles on remarkable playoff runs two seasons in a row. A quarterback controversy in Tampa would keep the eyes of fans on the Bucs in 2019.

10. Nick Foles: New York Giants

Eli Manning is not getting any younger. He is also well past his prime. The Giants have not won a playoff game since their victory in Super Bowl XLVI. Nick Foles would bring new life the New York. And with plenty of young stars surrounding the Giants, New York proves to be an excellent fit for Foles.

11. Nick Foles: Washington Redskins

Washington has missed the playoffs three years in a row. D.C. football fans would be excited to see a Super Bowl MVP on their team. Jay Gruden and the team would benefit from having Alex Smith and Nick Foles competing for the starting job.

12. Nick Foles: Jacksonville Jaguars

One of the few locations Nick Foles could start immediately is Jacksonville, Florida. The Jaguars are in desperate need of a quarterback, and they would prefer to be back in Super Bowl contention sooner rather than later. So, rather than draft a quarterback, why not sign or trade for a Super Bowl MVP like Nick Foles?

All three of these superstars will be good bargaining chips for their teams' front offices. The Ravens, Eagles, and Steelers are ready to move on and go in different directions. Brown, Flacco, and Foles will be worth a lot of money and maybe a couple of first-round draft picks. Teams around the league will be eager to sing all 3 for the 2019 season.

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