I might have a potential internship this summer for my dad's company. It's required that I have one for my minor and I am trying to work in the corporate communications. I'm passionate about communications because I really like working and talking with all different kinds of people. It is something that comes very natural to me, I've always been interested in drawn to this field.

I would be living in San Mateo which is right next to San Francisco and would be there for 2 months. Usually, I would go home to Michigan for the summer where I grew up so this is quite the change for me. This makes me nervous because I would be there all by myself but it also excites me because it would be very similar to starting a new job. It would be such a great opportunity and would excite me for the future. It would help me a lot with learning more about Public Relations and how it works with a huge business company.

I'm excited because this could be a potential future job if everything works out. It would be very cool to see what they do and how everything is figured out. I would be working with other interns and I really like that part of it because it would be hands-on working in an office. It's so scary not knowing if a job will be granted to me after graduation, and this will assist me in knowing that it's more than possible. I would be living by myself in an Airbnb and would have to make friends quickly.

Independence is difficult but, I did move across the country in my freshman year of college. That was quite the adjustment, and it has taken a lot of time to get used not going home as much as I would like but it has helped me become more independent. Walking into this opportunity, I'm definitely more confident in knowing that I have the ability to live on my own. If you asked me this question two years ago today, I don't know if I could have said the same thing.

Taking a leap of faith is something that I've learned to be okay, and I used to run far away from even thinking that way. Doing this internship, I will learn a lot about myself and will work with people that I have never met before but it'll only push me forward. The more that I challenge myself and take risks, the easier it will get in the future to take chances and make changes in my life for a positive outcome.

If I'm offered this internship, I would definitely take it because I don't think I could pass up an opportunity like this. Even though I'll be scared and the thought of going somewhere so far alone frightens me, it excites me a lot and will open so many doors for me. I've learned that change is good and it will only push me forward in life, so take a chance too!!!!