Every college has something that makes them distinctive. It could be a statue of the school's mascot or maybe a fountain, but at Stockton University, "New Jersey's Distinctive Public University", we have something that is especially exceptional. It is something that makes us all feel at peace when we see it and something that makes everyone stop and take pictures every Friday out of appreciation; a lake named Fred.

Lake Fred is the theoretical symbol of Stockton University. Whether you are a student or a professor, college can be stressful. However, no matter what time of the day it is, Fred will be there to calm you down. One walk by his breezy beach and anyone can be ready to tackle their day. The peace and serenity that Lake Fred can bring to even the most anxious of people is something we all can appreciate.

The most amazing part of Lake Fred is that it can bring everyone together. Lake Fred is there for everyone no matter your beliefs, gender, race, etc. It is amazing to walk by Fred on the way to a night class right as the sunset is gleaming on his subtle waves and see ten people stop to take a picture.

It does not matter where this picture is posted to. What matters is that certain moment where a group of people, who likely do not know each other, stop at the same time to appreciate something so beautiful.

Lake Fred even has a tradition at Stockton University. Every Friday Stockton students and staff are encouraged to post a picture of Fred and caption it "#FredFriday," which allows people from anywhere to enjoy his beauty.

No matter who you are at Stockton University, Lake Fred surely has been an important part of your experience. He isn't just any lake, he is our identity as a university. He is what brings us together and what makes us appreciate the little things.

Walking by him, one cannot resist to look across the water and let their minds wander and de-stress from the week's endeavors. Next time you walk by Lake Fred, make sure to stop, stare, and give appreciation for the education you were granted. And above all, remember there's no place quite like Stockton University.