Ladies Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
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Ladies, Don't Stay In The Box — Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be Your Best Self

As women, we spend our whole lives being put into boxes and given expectations to follow, but the only expectations you should worry about are your own.

Ladies, Don't Stay In The Box — Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be Your Best Self
Amanda Williams

This last week I have seen so much negativity and so many women trying to force their own perspectives onto other women, and I am not here for it. Maybe it is just my recent watching of "The Greatest Showman" on repeat (perhaps not), but you deserve to live your truth to the best of your ability. From a bearded lady to a trapeze artist, your experiences are your own and you get to decide what you do with them.

Do what makes you happy. I am completely serious. People say this, but they tend to mean: "Do what society says should make you happy." NO. Have you ever done something a little different than the norm, and then felt like such a badass for it? If not, you deserve to.

You do not have to fit into a box, and you should not. Do what makes you feel good about you. Maybe this means you kiss a cute boy or girl and embrace the grin when they kiss you back. Bonus points if it's out of your comfort zone a bit because you just met them. I'm not talking about a drunk make-out. Find your twenty seconds of courage and go for it.

Maybe this means finally wearing what you want to wear, even if it does not fit your "usual" wardrobe or one aesthetic. If Persephone can be a goddess of Spring and queen of the Underworld, you can be whomever you want to be. (Yes I stole this sentiment because I liked it so much.)

Own yourself. Do your best not to let anyone pressure you to do, be, or say what does not resonate with you. I tell my friends all the time, "I support your inner ho," not because I want them to sleep around, but because I want them to know that I accept the choices they make and will not judge them for it. I don't want anyone to live a life of regrets, so if that was the choice you made and do not regret it, I am proud of you. That goes for anything, from skipping a class to trying a new lipstick. Learn to listen to yourself- you know better than you think you do.

Do what makes you feel the best about you, honestly. You deserve to be the best version of yourself, for yourself. It has taken me a while to figure this out and implement it, but let me tell you, I like who I'm becoming. I am sarcastic and quick to have a comment. I own my depression and anxiety battles. I dress for comfort and don't always wear makeup. I am opinionated. I am not an easy person to have around all of the time. But I was not made to be easy, I was made to be me. The right people will not mind my sarcasm or sense of humor, and they will not run at the first sign of an anxiety attack. They will stand behind me and let me figure out what I need for me.

If you're looking for a sign to step out of your comfort zone, this is it. You are stronger than the world wants you to know, so you owe it to yourself to own that. Live your best life, for you. And when you do, help other women feel powerful and deserving too. Empowered women empower women.

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