Friendships are quite possibly more complicated than relationships with a significant other. Let's be real, they are both challenging.

However, in my wee 21 years on this planet, I have had some friendships come and go and holy bananas, they can be painful at times.

Lately, I have had the pleasure of learning from those around me and I just figured I would share some lessons, because why the heck not.

Here's the deal.

As gals, we LOVE to validate the feelings of those around us.

I mean how often does a friend come to us and say something that she is feeling and we say, "Hey, that's valid" or "Hey, wow I agree, you're right, she is the worst, vent away."

And my friends, I am not saying you can't tell someone that what they are feeling is valid, because sometimes it really, really is.

However, don't be afraid to be bold and speak the truth with your friends.

It's alright to let them know when they are in the wrong. We should keep one another accountable. However, we have GOT to do this in an insanely loving manner. If it is not being said in love, then take a step back and think it through a little more before you blurt it out.

Friends are cool and important and we all need them in this crazy life.

Yet, being a good friend requires a LOT of understanding. You have got to pour into them, they have got to pour into you. You both have got to communicate like crazy and you have got to love one another.

Lately, I have been going through this season where I desperately need to hear things that I really probably don't want to hear.

AND Y'ALL, I am loving it.

I feel supported and encouraged.

This has got me thinking about how I am as a friend and the way I act towards those around me.

I am realizing this: It is time to be bold.

I and many others are at a stage in life when these decisions are VERY life altering. Things like who you will marry, or where you will work, or where you will live are coming on the scene right now and it is alright to support people.

It is alright to challenge them a little too. If they are in a relationship that's not healthy, MY FRIEND, PLEASE TELL THEM. I am aware that this isn't something that is insanely easy to do. PLEASE make sure this isn't done in a judgemental manner. Think it through first. Tell them out of love and pray like crazy beforehand.

If they are making a decision that is life altering or harmful, love them enough to help them.

Be there for them in a manner that doesn't just agree with everything they say. Love them well.