Are the Kylie Lip Kit's Really Worth It?
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Are the Kylie Lip Kit's Really Worth It?

The Answer Is Yes!

Are the Kylie Lip Kit's Really Worth It?

This past year, Kylie Jenner's matte liquid lip kits have because a major success- as Kylie has generated a net worth of 10 million during the first year of launching her lip kits. Her brand has also expanded tremendously, as Kylie has also launched eyeshadow pallets, kyeiners, lip glosses, blushes, kylighters, and recently, velvit lip kits and blushes. At age 19, Kylie has generated her own name for herself, making herself into her own icon. Kylie's lip kits officially launched back in November of 2015, with three of her most popular shades: Candy K, Dolce K, and True Brown K first came out. However, success didn't come easy for Kylie at first, as she experienced a lot of criticism throughout the making of her successful makeup line.

One of Kylie's first hurdles was when everyone thought that Kylie's lip kits were the exact same formula as the Colorpop's matte liquid lipsticks. The colorpop matte liquid lipsticks retail for $6, while Kylie's lip kits retail for $29. However, Kylie responded to those allegations by stating that she came up with the formula for her lip kits herself. What makes the two brands similar is that both brands come from the same company, Seed Beauty. So yes, while the formulas may be somewhat similar, they are not exactly the same. Once those rumors were cleared, the company continued to grow and succeed, as it seemed that every girl wanted their hands on a Kylie lip kit.

After hearing about all the hype surrounding these lip kits, I was eager to try one for myself. That one lip kit has now turned into eleven, as I myself, have jumped on the Kylie Cosmetics train. While $29 may seem like a lot for some, you are getting one liquid lipstick, and one lip liner. Thats a pretty good price for both if you ask me. There are many aspects of the Kylie lip kits that make them absolutely worth every penny, and that starts with its formula. The formula is smooth, creamy, and super easy to apply. What makes it even better is that it's not patchy or streaky. While the majority of matte liquid lipsticks are drying, the dryness of Kylie's are minimal. These liquid lipsticks dry matte and don't transfer. One of my favorite things about the Kylie lip kits are that they smell amazing. Each liquid lipstick smells like vanilla cake.

I am completely in love with her lip liners because they are so incredibly creamy and easy to apply. The lip liners are also sold as singles. Lip liners also ensure that the liquid lipstick will last longer on the lips. The Kylie lip kits apply and stay wet on the lips for nearly a minute before they are completely dry. And trust me when I tell you that, once these dry, they will stay on your lips for a good 8 hours. There have even been times when these lippies have stayed on after I snack. These liquid lipsticks are quite difficult to get off.

For those of you who are looking to get your first lip kit, there are a few shades that I recommend:

1. Candy K: The perfect everyday picky brown nude. This color looks good on every skin tone.

2. Posie K: A pretty pink that looks good on just about everyone. A clor that can be worn any season of the year.

3. Dolce K: This is a pretty mid tone brown nude that Kylie herself recommends for every skin tone.

To conclude, the Kylie Lip Kits are worth every penny. From the packaging, to product, to formula, to long lasting, it's no surprise that Kylie has generated so much success.

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