KPOP And 8 Reasons Why It's So Popular
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KPOP And 8 Reasons Why It's So Popular

They can sing and dance why are we not listening to them more

KPOP And 8 Reasons Why It's So Popular

It seems the world holds an endless amount of art, film and any other media out there. With the internet improving everyday we get to see these different bits of culture like K pop, short Korean pop Music. You might think you know a little something something about it if you've seen "Gangnam Style" but K Pop is so much more than that one tune.

Different approaches to music videos. pure hard work that finally pays off after years of training. Here are some of the reasons which makes K Pop so uniquely popular.

1. Costumes and Video Concepts

One of the things K Pop does so well is their creative use of Costumes and video concepts. Back when North america was starting to become industrialized, Asia already had a pretty big art and graphic scene.

So, it should have not come as a surprise that Asian pop culture in general is often very well thought out. the use of effects, Make up, outfits, and everything else are always so well put together to show off their concepts. If you don't believe me, watch this video from VIXX called Error.

2. Storytelling

Another way that Kpop Keeps such a large fan base is by the background story that is many songs and music videos. A perfect example would be one of K.will's song called Please Don't.

3. Personality

Amber Liu from F(x)

Jackson Wang From Got7

K Pop Stars or idols as they are known in Asia, have a knack for standing out and expressing themselves on a whole new level.

4. Their look

Kpop stars bring whole new meaning to fashion. their styles often surpasses american styles. Take for example GDragon, well known member of Boy group Big Bang and accomplished solo artist. He is not only known for his musical talent (boy can rap,sing, and write mega hit songs) he is also a trendsetter and just an overall fashion icon.

5. Catchy tunes

NCT U - the 7th sense

Pop Music would definitely be nothing without its catchy hooks. K-pop is so not any different, using melodies that are instantly stuck in you heads.

Different groups have the appealing song writing thing down to a science. which makes it so much easier to get into no matter what they are saying.

6. Choreography

BTS- fire dance practice

EXO- Overdose

Choreography is probably another where they completely dominate. They not only sing and dance but, they also perform numbers so complicated that it would usually require professional dancers. This takes an insane amount of hard work, practice, and skill, but K-pop artists are well-known for performing these routines live proving they are truly skilled, not just well edited in their music videos.

7. Training

Unlike american pop stars who often grow famous in a short period of time (i.e. Justin Bieber), K-pop artists are usually groomed and mentored by managers or agents for years at a time before recording their first song. G.Soul a Korean r&b singer trained for 15 years before releasing his music.

Intensive training, make these young artists seasoned performers by the time they debut.

8. Multitalented and Multicultural

EXO- Monster

K pop artists almost always act as well as sing. While you can certainly find stars who don’t act very well, usually a true K pop idol is just as skilled as an actor as they are as a singer and dancer.Not only are K Pop artists super talented, incredibly hard workers, and star in perfectly executed music videos, they often mix other cultures into their songs. most students in many Asian countries are required to learn English from an early age, singers frequently mix in English sayings with their lyrics. Some K-pop stars are even from different countries like Thailand, china, japan, Canada and even America.

Not only that, K Pop idols take on major roles in many different TV shows and movies. Of course, these acting gigs are all concurrent to their regular musical careers.

5urprise is an actor idol group

Lee Joon from mblaq is a singer/ actor and also a solo artist

If this article didn't make you wanna check out a lil' K-pop that's cool at least you got to see some hot Asian guys :)

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