Everyone thinks they know what it's like to be a music major, but it is far off from people's perspectives. Heres an inside scoop on what its like to be a music major and things that every music major can relate to.

1. Non-music majors don't understand how busy and hard being a music major is

Music majors can have up to 20 credit hours and we're constantly either performing or having to go watch a performance. I promise we're not ignoring you, we are just extremely busy.

2. You can never listen to music the same way again

You now analyze music of all genres whether you're in the car, at a concert, singing with your friends...practically anywhere at anytime. Your friends might get annoyed with it, but their secretly jealous that you know so much about music.

3. The music jokes are endless

These are the things that get us through the day.

4. You live in the music building

As previously mentioned, you can be taking a lot of credit hours and a majority of your classes are all in the music building. Even during breaks there never really is enough time to go back to your dorm. You just get used to the music building being your second home.

5. Your "free time" is for practicing

What is free time? You mean practice time?

6. You know everyone in the music department

Since you practically live in the music building and you have a lot of classes with the same people, you at least know everyones first name, whether their a vocalists or an instrumentalists, and what voice part they are or what instrument they play.

7. Sleep is non-existent

You learn to be able to sleep anywhere and you jump on any chance you get to take a nap - which is very rare to begin with.

8. You are excited to go to things others would find boring

You are excited to go to recitals, band concerts, choirs, etc. way more than the average person. You jump at any chance of getting student discount tickets and if its free then you know you'll be there.

9. Music theory

One of the hardest classes you'll ever take as a music major, but just know that we all have to go through it and we can do this!

10. You love it.

You know that being a music major is one of the most intense programs you can study, but yet you love it and you wouldn't want it to be any other way.

Life of a music major has it's good and bad moments, but at the end of the day, you know that this is where you're meant to be. Yes, life during college and especially after could be more difficult for you than the average college student, but you're no average person. You are a unique and talented being who knows that the music department is where you belong.