It's the season for returning back to school and when returning back, the risks of drinking are once again more prevalent. Time and time again you'll hear the phrase "know your limits." Drinking can be fun when being responsible, but can also lead to many problems. Each drink you have lends itself to being buzzed and then drunk. But how do you know what your limit is? I did a fun experiment to see what it feels like to drink some popular drinks.

The first step was to bring someone who I knew I could trust in being my designated driver. None other than my boyfriend was the one who accompanied me to Applebee's to test out this experiment. My goal for this little fun experiment was not to get drunk, but to show people how alcohol can affect someone.

Drink 1: Large Bahama Mama

Brianne Remy

I started with a large Bahama Mama. They prove to be quite popular drinks, since Applebee's runs sales on them at night for half price. The photo shown was the actual drink. I finished it rather quickly because it was made right with not an excessive amount of alcohol or sweetener. The drink is a little bit bigger than the regular size. After one drink, I recognized that I was a little bit buzzed, but not to the point where I needed to be cut off from ordering another.

Drink 2: Regular Bahama Mama

Brianne Remy

I got another Bahama Mama, but this time, regular size. Again, I drank it rather quickly because they are one of my favorite drinks. After drink two, my boyfriend noted that I was laughing a bit more and smiling a lot. And as a side note, most times when at a college party, there is not food like when at a restaurant, so the food did help.

Unfortunately, before I could order another drink, our waiter gave us the check and I felt too bad to ask for another Bahama Mama. So after only two drinks, I was definitely buzzed but not drunk. Knowing your limits can save you an unfortunate situation from happening and feeling sick later on. Drinking can be fun, but it is good to "KNOW YOUR LIMITS!"