10 Definite Dos And Don'ts Of College Parties
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10 Definite Dos And Don'ts Of College Parties

You might believe you're Wonder Woman, and can do anything. You can't.

10 Definite Dos And Don'ts Of College Parties
Mickayla Sowder

College is about learning, and the future, and grades, but partying comes along with the package. After hours of studying everyone wants to just hang out with their friends and have a good time. Going to parties is a good way to just let loose and meet new people. While partying is fun, it can also be dangerous. Here are 10 do's and don't's of college parties.


1. Bring Hand Sanitizer And Toilet Paper.

This might sound excessive, but I promise it's not. If you're like me then you aren't a fan of being really sticky and dirty, and hand sanitizer can help out with that. It's small and can fit in a purse, and will DEFINITELY come in handy. I also don't mean that you should shove a whole roll of toilet paper into your purse but bring some. Everyone is going to break that seal, and the line is going to be LONG. The last thing you want to happen is for it to be your turn and they ran out of toilet paper. Just bring some. You're welcome.

2. Have A DD.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go to a party without knowing how you're going to get home. It's always best to be on the safe side, and this is definitely one of the more important things. If you're drinking you will be more likely to jump into just anyone's car to get home. THIS IS NOT SAFE. Take turns with your friends being DD. YOU CAN STILL HAVE FUN WITHOUT ALCOHOL! I promise you 100% you can dance just as horrible when you're sober, and you should own it! No one can dance as bad as you.

3. Know Your Limit.

Remember that really drunk girl at that one party that can no longer stand up? She didn't know her limit. Don't make people take care of you. No one wants to take care of that girl. Alcohol is dangerous, and we as a generation need to be careful. Why would you even want to drink so much that you can't remember how fun the night was? Be kind to your DD'S, don't drink to excess.

4. Wear Comfortable, But Cute Clothes.

Dancing is so fun! Until your shoe gives you a blister or your shirt starts to fall off. I'm all for looking cute and feeling good about what you're wearing, but wear something that is cute and comfortable enough to dance in. Also, dress for the weather. If it's cold enough to snow outside don't go outside in short shorts and a tank top. Honestly, you're just asking for a cold.


I cannot stress this enough. Whether you're drinking or not, drink water. You're either drinking a lot and need to rehydrate or you're dancing and walking around socializing and need to rehydrate. No one wants to wake up with a head ache. Like my uncle says, "If you can't do the day after, you shouldn't do the night". If you're going to drink so much that you're going to be bed ridden the next day.... just don't. Drink water.


1. Go Home With A Guy.

You're going to meet cute guys at parties. You're going to make out with them, and that's cool. Making out with people is all good and fun, but do not go home with a random guy. IF YOU WOULDN'T DO IT WHEN YOU'RE SOBER DON'T DO IT WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK!! I promise that you don't need that guy's approval to know that you're worth something.

2. Leave Your Drink, And Then Drink It.

Do not leave your drink! This is crucial. DATE RAPE DRUGS ARE A REAL THING, and it can happen to you too. It's so easy for a guy to slip something in your drink when you're not looking. If you leave your drink somewhere, go get a new one. That one cup isn't worth it.

3. Leave Your Friends.

THERE IS SAFETY IN NUMBERS. While there are many people to watch if anything happens, don't trust them to save you. Stick close to your friends, and never go off on your own. Do not go off with that guy. Do not go and take a walk because your feelings are hurt. BE SMART. Stay close to your 'pack'. Intoxicated you might believe that you're Wonder Woman and can do anything. You can't. Stay safe. Take my advice. Please.

4. Stay Out After 2 A.M.

After two a.m. you're definitely not in the right mind to make good decisions. GO TO BED. It's better to just go home and go to bed and be ready for the next day than to stay up a little longer and do something you'll later regret. You need your rest. Grab an Advil and a water and hit the hay. Just do it.

5. Lose Your Morals

Alcohol will lower your inhibitions. You will be more likely to do things that you wouldn't before. You might text that cute boy from Biology, or tell someone what you actually think about them. DO NOT LET ALCOHOL TAKE AWAY YOUR MORALS. Make a set of rules for yourself and stick to them. It's better to wake up the next day and be proud of yourself than to wake up and regret ever going out.

These are just a couple things to keep in mind next time you go to a party. No party is worth your life. Have fun and dance and meet people and kiss strangers and sing at the top of your lungs!! Just be safe while having the time of your life. It'll be worth it.

I promise.

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