Moving in with your partner is always a big step that requires serious consideration on both ends. In fact, some people believe that moving in together is a more significant decision than getting married.

You need to remember the fact that this is your step towards living together and it may create some pressure on your relationship. The consequences can also be severe if it doesn't work out. Therefore, the big question is; how can you tell that it is the right time to move in with your partner? Read on to find out.

You Don't Feel Pressured to Move in Together

There is a significant difference between being pressured to move in with your fiancée and wanting to do so willingly. Just because you have been in a relationship for many years or your partner is considering buying a house doesn't mean moving in together.

If you feel like you are doing it to impress your partner or you still aren't sure of what to do, it is good to wait. Trust your instincts if you feel like you aren't 100% ready to take such a step.

You've Completed Trial Runs

An excellent way to determine if moving in with your partner is a great idea is to undertake a couple of trial and error runs. You can achieve this by spending a lot of time together and living in together in one place for one or even two straight months.

You can do this either in your place or your partner's house and stay put. Ensure that you move your essentials in and evaluate your partner's living style to see if you are compatible with each other over the long term.

Even if you disagree or fight and feel like you want to walk away, challenge yourselves and see if you can overcome the storm. This way, things will be better when you decide to move in together and may buy a house to start your life together after the trial run.

You Respect Each Other's Space

Living together doesn't mean that you are going to spend every second of your day with one another. In fact, it is the opposite. Although you may wish to be with your partner more often, you will need to attend to other things in life and give each other space for happier living.

Besides, it isn't always going to be rosy when you are living together. There will be days when you disagree, and you need to find an amicable solution to your issues. More important, you will need your alone time, and there is nothing wrong with that.

You're Good at Talking about Finances

Money is always a major cause of anxiety in relationships since people are never honest with each other when it comes to discussing money matters until there is a problem. Before you decide to move in with your partner, make sure that you are open and happy to talk about money.

Remember the fact that when bills start to break, you will need skills to navigate the storm. Your long term financial goals such as buying a house or decent car should align with your partner's long-term financial goals.

You've Survived the Largest Storms of Your Relationship

If you have been through unbelievable hurdles with your partner and found a way out and you believe that you can move even the tallest mountains for each other, then you are ready to move in together.

Learning how to solve your differences and navigating through the unholy relationship dramas is a good sign that the two of you can stay together. It proves that you are on the same level and nothing can bring you down easily.