As we immerse ourselves into a new semester, we're again filled with the insurmountable hope that it will a successful semester. One that is filled with A's, self-realization, and adoring professors. We always think "this will be the semester" and for many of us, the desire to attain academic perfection is there. In our minds, it is possible and something to strive for. And then the first week happens... and all the hope and confidence you had on Sunday diminish right before your eyes. We hope and pray that a stumble during the first week isn't indicative of how the semester will go, but let's be honest...

You Know It's Going To Be a Rough Semester When:

1. You print out the syllabus and it's 20+ pages long.

And five of those pages are just course objectives.

2. When the professor has you read and outline that syllabus before the first class period.

Everyone knows the first day of class resigned to the mandatory syllabus reading and lecture, but your professor has other plans.

3. And then in an even stranger turn of events, you have a quiz on that syllabus.

Easy points, one may say, but when your syllabus is 27 pages long, things tend to go a little awry.

4. When you spend an hour looking for a parking space.

And you end up parking seven miles from your class, and five from civilization.

5. When the whole parking debacle has made you late to your first class.

And your professor is not a cool and understanding dude.

6. You pull out your textbook, only to realize you bought the wrong one.

And chances are, you already spent the last bit of your money on beer and Pop Tarts.

7. You realize 20 minutes into the class that you're in the wrong room.

The true walk of shame.

8. The professor asks you to take out your homework and because you failed to check Blackboard all weekend, you didn't do it.

Welcome to college, where you're assigned homework before the first class meeting. Isn't it lovely?

9. Or when the professor launches into a class discussion over the reading you also failed to do.

All you can do is sit back in your seat in the most inconspicuous fashion possible and pray that the professor does not call on you.

10. When it's day 1 and you already have no idea what just happened/what is going on.

You leave class feeling like your brain had just been shoved into a meat-grinder and a brave face is all you can muster before you break down in tears.

11. When the rest of the class totally knows what's going on and you're just flying solo in your confusion.

What happened to classroom solidarity, dude?

12. When the professor expects you to have a complete understanding of the subject before you've actually taken the course.

And it's an intro course....

13. When you realize you're the dumbest person in the class.

And you just have to wonder where the hell you were when all this shit was taught.

14. When the professor jumps into a lecture 5 minutes into the first class.

All fun, no play. Got it.

15. When everyone in your class know each other from previous classes and you're just sitting in the corner, all awkward and lonely.

You can't decide whether you're jealous or glad everyone is leaving you the hell alone.

16. When you professor has you buy 5+ textbooks for their class-- all of which are required.

$800 later and you're pretty sure you're about to just READ your life away, no big deal.

17. When you look at your syllabus and see "students should anticipate reading 100 pages of their textbook each week."

WOW. Thanks. It's not like I have four other classes or anything....

18. And then you flip the page and see that 50% of your grade will be dependent on class presentations/debates.

Umm is this like a uhh joke, I'm like really terrible at ummm... class presentations.

19. When it's day 1 and you already have 2 papers to write, one quiz to study for, and 100 pages of reading to do.

And you're left to wonder if you're even going to make it out alive this semester. Evidence would suggest that you're looking at a big hell no.

20. When you celebrate finishing you first week with a mental breakdown. And a rather large glass of wine to ease the pain.

You did it. Barely.

Hopefully your first week was flawless and lacked everything in this list, but if not, hang in there, champ. We can do this.