5 Kirbyisaboss Videos That Every Girl Should Watch
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5 Kirbyisaboss Videos Every Girl Should Watch

Because Kirby is kind of my role model.

5 Kirbyisaboss Videos Every Girl Should Watch

Several years ago, my sister introduced me to Kirby's YouTube channel. At the time, I had relatively zero interest in YouTube, but I watched one or two of Kirby's out of curiosity. Let me just say that I was blown away! Not only is Kirby hilarious and beautiful, bu also a godly woman who shamelessly shared her love for God on her channel! I subscribed immediately and have watched her videos ever since.

Kirby's content is great for any young woman interested in style, college life, JESUS, and contemporary issues. Below are my top five videos from her channel. Enjoy!

1. My favorite one!

I feel so strongly about the power in this video because it addresses the root of so many insecurities that women, girls, men, and guys face. I appreciate Kirby's vulnerability so deeply because as a woman struggling with the same issue, I know how hard it is to open up to friends, much less to an online community.

2. The funniest one.

Don't be fooled by the screencap; this video is less about existential questions and more of just a hilarious sketch featuring some memorable personas.

3. The most valuable one.

Because if there is one thing that Kirby is about, it's Jesus. And if there's one thing about Jesus, it is His Word!

4. The #roomgoals one.

Kirby's style is always on point and inspires me to spice my room up a little!

5. The one where you realize that this girl can PREACH.

At half an hour, this video is longer than most on Kirby's channel; however, I love hearing her preach from the Word on the subject of obedience. Her passion and knowledge are so inspiring!

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