How the kinsey scale caused me to question my sexuality

It's Pride month. A time to be proud of your sexuality and educate people on issues effecting the LGBT community.

It's also a time when people post articles about finding out when they realized they weren't straight. I alluded to this in my article last week, but here's how I actually started questioning my sexuality.

I had always had some attraction to women, but I wasn't one hundred percent sure about it.

I ended up taking a Kinsey Scale test, which is supposed to tell you exactly what your sexuality is. It asks you a lot of questions about what you find intriguing and attractive romantically and sexually. The test gives you a number corresponding to what yo you think it is.

My results were a three, right in the middle. The test said I was "equal parts heterosexual and homosexual." So when I signed up for Tinder and Bumble, I put both men and women as options. But I only seemed to pursue men. However, after being somewhat in a relationship with a man, I started realizing that I might want to pursue a relationship with a woman.

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