I was on Instagram for like thirty minutes before I began writing this. Imma just let that sink in... And then, I went to Facebook and tagged my friend on a lot of memes...

You know, sometimes I just think I'm a natural at procrastinating. I don't even need to try. If I have to do something of dire importance (like a 7 page paper for the following day), you know damn well I will be doing something entirely different!

I'd probably be taking a nap instead of actually doing whatever I have to do. In the end, you'll see me rushing and stressing while doing everything at the last minute. It just happens you know. Like, every single day of my life.

No matter what it is that I have to do, if I can do it while pulling an all-nighter, then it can be done! That's my mantra. Not going to lie, I have to read like God knows how many pages and write God knows how many papers for my classes. I'm in bed right now, guys.

Do you ever do that? You just lay in bed, knowing you have a lot to do, but you just decide to lay there and not do anything? Because, same! I sometimes wonder if procrastinating is a sin, because of it is... Oh, boy!

There's a story that I'd like to share with you guys: right after I had begun this, my friend said he was going to eat. So I stopped working on this and went to eat a waffle. It was soooo good, let me tell you. Then I met with my other friend because it was her birthday and we had made plans.

Over twelve hours later, here I am, narrating this story to you, dear reader. If I were the king of Procrastination Land, I'd let my subjects lay on the floor instead of getting in a knee to venerate me. That would be something cool to watch.

I actually just imagined myself being king and decided it would be a bad idea... Maybe I should just stick to school and try to get my shit done on time.