10 Things ARMY Loves About Kim Seok-jin

Seokjin's birthday is today and so here are ten things we love about this legend. There are millions of reasons to love him like his talent, his kindness, his humor and so much more. He is such a hard worker and brings so much happiness to ARMY everyday. I'm very thankful for him and hope this list brings ARMY joy as well!

1. His singing voice is one of the prettiest sounds

Awake is one of the most beautiful songs thanks to Jin's amazing voice, along with his writing skills. He elevates every track he is on and brings so much heart to every song. He has so much talent and only gets better at singing with every new album.

2. Dad jokes

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The fact that he gets more of a laugh out of his own jokes than anyone else is my favorite thing in the world. Never stop making those jokes, Jin!

3. Eat Jin™


Every Eat Jin gets more chaotic and I just love seeing Jin in his natural habitat.

4. He is an inspiration


Jin's words of wisdom and encouragement bring strength to Army and ARMY. I appreciate his words so much and know he has helped so many people.

5. Worldwide Handsome™


Jin started 'Worldwide Handsome' in order to feel more confident about himself. It is his showing of self-love and being proud of who he is. He should always feel that confident and know how beautiful he is. He truly is the visual of BTS and one of the many reasons we love him! Keep showing your handsome smile always.

6. When he yells in rap

This will always be Iconic™.

7. The funniest member


He's hilarious and that's that!

8. His windshield wiper laugh

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Seokjinnie's laugh brings joy to us all.

9. A caring boy

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Jinnie as the oldest member is so kind to his members. He cooks for them, takes care of them, and encourages them always. Jin said that he is often playful with the others because he wants to cheer them up and make them happy. While he could use his Elder place to boss them around, instead he goes to their level as a friend. This is why BTS love their big brother so much!

10. His positive spirit he uses to encourage others everyday


Kim Seok-jin will always support you, so keep going. Fighting!

Have an amazing birthday Jinnie, you deserve it! 사랑해!

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