Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. One of the most iconic country music couples. They just celebrated 20 years of marriage, and still have a spark that are true relationships goals. The way Tim still looks at Faith makes it possible for women everywhere to have faith that one day a man will look at her that way.

You always hear Tim talk about Faith in the cutest ways. The couple has three girls, and their romance is stronger than ever. I mean, look at the way he looks at her. You can see the love in his eyes. If the two were to ever split...I don't know that I could ever believe in love.

Not only are the two one of the most beautiful couples, but their duets are simply to die for. "Meanwhile Back at Mama's" that came out in 2014 melted my heart as I listened to the duo sing it together. Their love for each other is evident, and I have to say that they are much better relationship goals than Kim & Kayne.

So, who would you rather dream to be? Tim & Faith? Or Kim & Kayne?