Things Only Kids Who Went To Elementary School in the 90s will Understand

Things Only Kids Who Went To Elementary School in the 90s will Understand

Only the cool kids had Lisa Frank

1. If a kid could eat one of these they were worshipped like a god.

3. You would start a fight to go draw on these in class.

4. You probably got high on these at one point.

5. Peeling this off your hands was heaven

6. The best day of gym was scooting around on these

7. And field day wasn't complete without this

8. Only the coolest people had these

9. This was the loudest thing on the face of the earth

10. If you were lucky you could get mechanical pencils

11. You always slyly played this on the computer.

12. You were an artist if you could make the "S"

13. Book Fairs were the shit

14. Slap bracelets were the rave

15. This was the real way to talk to your friend in class

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10 Shows Netflix Should Have Acquired INSTEAD of Re-newing 'Friends' For $100 Million

Could $100 Million BE anymore of an overspend?


Netflix broke everyone's heart and then stitched them back together within a matter of 12 hours the other day.

How does one do that you may wonder. Well they start by announcing that as of January 1st, 2019 'Friends' will no longer be available to stream. This then caused an uproar from the ones who watch 'Friends' at least once a day, myself including. Because of this giant up roar, with some threats to leave Netflix all together, they announced that 'Friends' will still be available for all of 2019. So after they renewed our hope in life, they released that it cost them $100 million.

$100 million is a lot of money, money that could be spent on variety of different shows.

1. Sorry, there aren't any

2. Sorry, there aren't any

3. Sorry, there aren't any

4. Sorry, there aren't any

5. Sorry, there aren't any

6. Sorry, there aren't any

7. Sorry, there aren't any

8. Sorry, there aren't any

9. Sorry, there aren't any

10. Sorry, there aren't any

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Stages of Studying for an Exam, as Told by the Cast of Friends

You know you're a struggling student if you've experienced 7/10 of these stages


Let's be honest here, Netflix and college go hand in hand. Finals are upon us and we all know that feeling of nonstop studying, all-nighters, and drinking an unhealthy amount of caffeine. If you have experienced these stages when sitting down for a study sesh, you a real one. Take a break and enjoy these Friends GIF's to let you know you're not alone.

1. *hyped on caffeine* "Alright I'm about to grind for my city and make an A lets goooo"

2. *Actually opens the book and realize how much you don't know*

3. *I deserve a break now #selfcare*

4. *See's friend across the library*

5. *friend comes over and asks you what you're studying*

6. *Stays on slide 3 for an hour*

7. *Gets hangry*

8. *Realizes you actually are going to fail*

9. *Thinks of ways to seduce teacher for an A instead*

10. *Gives up*

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