Imagine speaking to your significant other on the phone, late at night, then suddenly hearing your SO's screams of terror -- only for the line to suddenly go dead. That's exactly what happened to Rob Shafer, who was talking to his fiance Angela Hammond, when she suddenly disappeared.

It was April 4, 1991, around 11:45 p.m. when Angela Hammond was talking to her fiance Shafer on a payphone outside a grocery outlet. Hammond mentioned that a strange vehicle was circling the lot, and she was feeling uneasy. Hammond then mentioned that a pickup truck pulled alongside the phone booth, and a man stepping outside, using his flashlight near the phone booth. Shafer consoled her, told her to stay put when he was interrupted by Hammond's screams of terror. Shafer, who was only a couple of blocks away, ran immediately to his car to reach Hammond's location. When he arrived, he saw a green pickup truck, speeding away quickly. Shafer heard his fiancee screaming Shafer's name, only to lose the abductor when Shafer's transmission failed after chasing the abductor for two miles.

Angela's Hammond story was spread all across Clinton, Missouri. Citizens of this small town gathered together to search for 20-year old Hammond, only to find nothing. Hammond's story made nationwide history when it was featured on Unsolved Mysteries, an American television program that was made popular through its chilling reenactments and nerve-wracking stories.

As time passed, police and investigators continued to search for this young man, but continued to find nothing. The police based their investigation off of Rob Shafer's testimony of what happened that night, but soon even he became a person of interest. However, Angela's mother, Marsha, never suspected him.

"I think it was natural that people wondered, 'Did the boyfriend do it?' But my feeling was, I've known the kid all his life, and I never doubted for a minute that he had anything to do with it." via

Soon after, Shafer was cleared of all allegations.

Now, 25 years later in 2016, the case continues to remain open. People continue to wonder if Hammond is alive, or if a body will ever be found. But for Shafer, he still wonders what happened to his late fiancee. Police have reported an on-going investigation of Angela's Hammond's abduction, but the case continues to remain unsolved. A body has yet to be found.

What do you think happened to Angela Hammond?