Keys To Enjoying The College Life
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Student Life

Keys To Enjoying The College Life

Don't take the four years for granted -- live it up!

Keys To Enjoying The College Life

In about one month, students will return to the campus of Springfield College. For the final time, I'll be one of them. Crazy, right? It seems like yesterday that the class of 2016 graduated high school as the class of 2012, and we had so much time ahead of ourselves to enjoy the college life.

Freshman, the class of 2020, will likely be saying that to themselves this fall. "We've got tons of time left, we don't have to do everything at once!" That was how I lived my freshman year. I had fun, but I certainly didn't live the college life to the fullest; I didn't get the most out of the experience. I met some people who will be lifelong friends, people who I adore and still am very close with. That said, I have a message for those of you entering college or who are still in the early stages.

Don't take the four year for granted, seriously. Enjoy college, live it to the fullest, get the full experience! I know people joke around and say it's a four year party but, honestly, it can be that fun.

Do what you enjoy.

I think one of the most important things is to do what you enjoy doing. Some people love to party, others would rather a quiet night in, some just want to hang around with their select group of friends. None of those are wrong, but just make sure you do them. Don't do something you don't wanna do; this is about you enjoying your experience.

Try new things.

To me, this is the most important thing about college -- you have to try new things. I'm not talking about doing something extremely stupid, but I'm saying go out of your comfort zone every once in awhile. I didn't do this until my sophomore year, and I can tell you it's something I regret.

Go out!

Go to the parties, go to the bar when you are of age, heck, go to your buddy's to watch a game, or something! Going out is the best part of college. You're with, for the most part, people who you like and whom you get along with. Enjoy their company and be social, because you'll never get this change again in life, that's a fact.

Don't stress.

Honestly, half the stuff we get stressed out over just is not worth it. Countless times during the last three years I've gotten stressed out, only to realize after the fact that it just isn't worth it. Enjoy yourself, be happy go lucky, things usually find a way to work themselves out.

Get involved.

Join a club, or something! You'll have some real fun and meet some awesome people. I did this my freshman year with SCTV3, and I can say it's one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy going to school. The people and the activities are a lot of fun and something to look forward to. Whether it is campus media, an athletic club or anything of the like, join something!

As I enter my senior year, I've taken some time to reflect on my three years at Springfield College. Each has been unique and has been fun in it's own different way. That said, there are things that I wish I'd done that I haven't yet at school.

I've still got time, but those eight long semesters have trimmed down to two, and it's flown by.

Enjoy college, take risks and have some fun! These are the best four years of your life, make them that way! Get involved, go out, be social, just make the most of it!

Don't push it back, either, and say you have time because soon time ends up being three years left, then two, then one, and then none. Don't take the four years for granted, live them up!

This year, I'll be sure to do everything I've listed above to enjoy my final year of college, as best as I can. I just wish I knew this my freshman year, but hey, at least now you do.

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