The Beginning for Kesha
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The Beginning for Kesha

Why it took her 4 years to come back.

The Beginning for Kesha

So I have been a fan of Kesha since her album 'Animal'. I had the whole album downloaded on my iPod and listened to it all on my bus going to middle school.

Then, when I saw she had a case against Dr. Luke to get out of a contract due to sexual abuse, I quickly joined the #FreeKesha movement. After four extremely long years, her new album is set to come out this August and just a few days ago she releases her single 'Praying.' The video was just added to YouTube, and it's the video that brings the song to life. speaks in the beginning about wanting to die because being alive hurts too much. 'Praying' follows her relationship with religion and spirituality as she comes to terms with what has happened in her life, and starts to question what happens next. I think this is one of Kesha's best songs. This song not only allows you to visualize the pain she was in but also the way she has come out stronger; she is proud to be herself.

The reason I am writing about this is because 'Praying' reminds us that the process to healing is a long one. The #FreeKesha movement began in 2013. It was in 2014 when Dr. Luke accused Kesha of lying about her sexual assault claims. It wasn't until 2015 when she asked to be free from the contract with Dr. Luke and not until 2016 was when she was denied her application. This court process took many, many years for very little to actually happen. That's four years of Kesha having to relive her assault. This showcases the usual length for any trial, but especially sexual assault cases. This 4 years does not include the time it takes to heal.

Sure, the healing process can start with a trail, but it's the ending of one that really allows victims closure. What if you don't get that closure though? For many sexual assault victims there is rarely closure, and even more rare for justice to be found. The pain of not being able to receive the justice any human deserves is unimaginable to me.

The main point to understand just from this song is that even in the ugliest of moments we can find beautiful things, like the strength that resides within is us to keep going. Kesha no longer wants to let her monsters ruin her life. She decided to become stronger. My favorite part of the video is the end where it says "the beginning" because this really is a new beginning for Kesha. She's openly reclaiming her life and proving that she will be stronger.

The title of her album to release in August is 'Rainbow', which is fitting since rainbows come after storms. This song has spoken to so many who have been victims of sexual assault and anyone who is going through a difficult time in their life. It is important to remember that there cannot be a rainbow without a storm.

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