Keeping The Faith During The College Years
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Keeping The Faith During The College Years

College is a time for finding yourself but also for losing yourself.

Keeping The Faith During The College Years

I'll be real with you.

I know how treacherous it can be to keep your faith alive during the years of partying, drinking, hooking up, and tons and tons of other pleasurable yet unhealthy activities.

This is your time to be whoever you want to be with very little consequences. After all, you're a free bird. You've left the parents' nest and don't plan on heading back until it's winter.

Or even later than that.

You can finally wear those skimpy yet sexy yet Instagram-worthy clothes that you bought from Forever 21 over the summer.

You can, at last, be a football player by day and the heaviest partier by night.

The world is your oyster.

But what about the things that really matter? Unfortunately, you may forget about them along the way and transform into this creature that no one knows anymore.

I know from personal experience, believe me. Growing up, I attended Catholic school. Wore the uniform, attended daily mass - I was taught the ways of God.And that was ok. Because that was what I believed in all of my life.

And then I got to high school. This time around, I decided to choose the public education route. Even then, I knew who I really was for all for years. Sure, I made some mistakes. But I eventually learned to accept them and teach myself a thing or two from making them. After I graduated, I felt ready to take on college because I knew exactly who I was.

So now I'm here. And after almost two and a half years, I realize that I'm not the same.

Instead of making a few mistakes, I've made many.

I'm trying to stop myself from becoming that creature that no one knows anymore.

I'm trying so hard.

The part that makes me feel creature-like the most? I'm not focusing so much on my faith as I used to. My main focus suddenly has turned into a side note.

Now, my main focuses consist of factors that contribute to the downfalls of society:

Looking hot enough to get 100+ likes on Instagram.

Worrying when my phone is "dry" and no one is texting me.

Giving my time (and potentially more) to the wrong boys.

I'm becoming the beast that I always feared. I always promised myself that I would never go down those paths.

But, unfortunately, life doesn't always turn out the way that we want it to.

We have to make mistakes, however. Without them, we can never find the person that we are searching to be.

I'm not willingly attending church every Sunday anymore. I either use the excuse of being too "busy" or "tired".

But then I realize, if I can take the time to damage yet another aspect of my life in one night, then I can take one hour and spend it with God on a Sunday afternoon.

You must keep your faith near and dear to your heart. Your faith is the core center of your whole being. It's who you are. Your faith has the power to help you accomplish something amazing.

God has a plan for all of us, no matter our relationship with him. His main mission for us is to openly love, reach out to others, and fulfill a wonderful, happy life.

If you can't or don't attend church, pray. Pray to God for another day that you wake up and another night to reflect on the day. Pray and remember that He will take care of you.

And just because you have faith doesn't mean that you can't still be the college kid that you always wish to be. Just make sure to safe and healthy. Always own up to your mistakes and forgive the mistakes of others.

And while I continue to fix my own personal relationship with God, I will continue to trust in Him along the way and fulfill my life the way that I wish to.

And if you ever feel like you are becoming the creature you never wanted to be, remember that you are just living life and will get out of this. Just like you've gotten out of all the other tough situations in your life.

Enjoy your journey and always keep your faith. Always.

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