How Long Is Your Snapchat Streak?
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How Long Is Your Snapchat Streak?

Keeping the streak alive is like having a full time job.

How Long Is Your Snapchat Streak?
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While most people have a Snapchat streak with one or two people, in some ways it shows how close your friendship is with someone. But like all things, a Snapchat streak takes time, effort and you have to want it. A Snapchat streak is like having a job. If you have ever been in a middle of a Snapchat streak especially one that has gone past 100 days you know these struggles to be true.

Remembering to Snap

For most of us keeping the streak alive isn't a problem, but everyone has those days where they thought they sent a snap and it turns out you didn't. You worked so hard for months on end to get your streak to over a 100 and it's gone in a day. So my tip to keeping your streak alive is at night send a Snapchat to all your streakers with a flitter on so even if you did send a snap already this snap isn't pointless.

It's like a job

Keeping your Snapchat steaks alive sometimes feels like a job. You have to put in more effort than you thought you would, you start sending pointless snaps like your ceiling or you dog just to make sure you're keeping the streak alive and going strong.

When the streak ends

The moment the streak ends is the worst moment of your life. You've worked hard to keep this streak alive and well and just like that in a matter of a day it's all over and you have to start from scratch. This has happened to me more than one time and it's the worst thing ever. So now I make sure to send a snap no matter what it is every night.

My current Snapchat streak as of today (Saturday, Oct. 22), with my boyfriend is 25 and with my best friend 17! My boyfriend and I's highest Snapchat streak before I ended it was around 125.

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