5 New Year's Resolutions Worth Making (And Keeping!)
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5 New Year's Resolutions That Are Actually Worth Making (And Keeping!)

Here's to making the upcoming new year the best it can be!

5 New Year's Resolutions That Are Actually Worth Making (And Keeping!)

New year, new me...am I right?

We start each new year with making a list of resolutions and plans we intended to uphold throughout the course of the year, only to find that we often fall short of meeting such goals or eventually give them up.

The question is: why almost all of our New Years' resolutions fail? Simply put, it's because most of the time they are unobtainable, unrealistic, or too restrictive. Many resolutions revolve around things such as eating "healthy," working out, and so forth-goals that, while in some moderation are good, ARE usually too restrictive and thus we're more prone to abandon them.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't make plans to achieve great things in 2019-let's just make them things that are ACTUALLY beneficial and obtainable! To start you off on your revamped resolutions list, here's five resolutions worth adding to your list for 2019.

1. Make an effort to cut daily reckless spending.

Some people have really bad habits of reckless spending on a day-to-day basis: it's sometimes not the big, once-in-a-while purchases that set our bank accounts back but rather the unnecessary expenditures on the daily. Examples include eating out when there are leftovers in the fridge/a meal plan on campus, buying "name brand" foods rather than opting for the cheaper, store-brand options (that literally usually taste the exact same), purchasing more than what you need and so forth. Make it a habit to cut back in little ways, because these little savings make a big difference.

2. Start a coin jar and recognize the value of change.

Following the previous resolution's motive of small savings making big differences, change really does add up. So when you see that penny on the sidewalk, pick it up and put it in your coin jar. Every cent adds up, so don't overlook the small values: at the end of the year, empty your jar and see how much you have saved!

3. Keep a written log of the things you do each day.

Lots of us have intentions to start a journal, but sometimes feeling like you have to write a nice narrative of each day starts to scare us away from wanting to keep up with it-some days, you just don't feel like writing a lot. If you've been struggling with keeping up with a journal for this reason, consider just starting a daily log, listing the things you do each day. They could be little, such as completing a good workout or having your favorite dinner, or big things like vacations or receiving a good great. Whatever things you do on a daily basis, it's neat to keep track because you'll be surprised at how much you really do in a year!

4. Try something new.

It doesn't have to be crazy or risky, but taking up a new hobby or trying a new activity is something worthwhile-you never know, you may just love crocheting or rock climbing if you give it a shot!

5. Make lots of memories.

Take the trip and try the new activity, but don't forget that you can make great memories even if it doesn't involve going out and taking a crazy vacation. Make this new year one that you can look back at and remember for years to come!

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