Before people get angry at the title of this article, please hear me out and do not make assumptions about myself or my character. I, just like you, am entitled to my own opinion. Yes, I understand there are numerous reasons for individuals in this country to not be in favor of our president. Even though you may not be his biggest fan, that most definitely does not give you the right to disrespect him, any of the other leaders of our country, or their supporters. These are the people dedicating their lives to lead us and our country in the right direction; they at least deserve basic respect- even if you do not agree with them. If you feel something needs to be challenged or changed, make your voice heard in a classy and respectful way.

As an incoming college freshman, I am quite aware of the challenges I am about to face in the classroom and the college environment in general. I know that there will not be many other students that share my conservative beliefs. This used to frighten and intimidate me, but now I realize it will be such an amazing learning experience and will only make me stronger. I am not and will not be afraid to stand up for myself and the beliefs I hold. I will listen to others and be respectful of their thoughts, no matter what they are. I will keep an open mind and consider different perspectives, and hopefully others will do the same for me. One thing I will not do is allow people to trash-talk and wish bad luck on our president. At the end of the day, he is the leader of this country whether you like it or not. Wishing poor things on him will not do anyone any type of good.

It is a given that there will be some people who will not give me a chance and jump to stereotyped conclusions. There will be the people that call me names and make assumptions about my character and my personal life. Although these types of people do exist, I will be the bigger person and wish them well with respect. I do have faith that there will be other students who are willing to hear me out and have an open mind. I hope that there will be people with different perspectives that are able to have a mature political discussion, whether it be inside or outside a classroom.

No matter what college or university you are attending, please remember the importance of respect and an open mind. Not only will this allow for interesting and multi-dimensional conversation, but it will help to start uniting this greatly divided country.