Why Migrant Children Should Not Be Taken From Their Parents
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Let's Unite Children With Their Parents

A call to action to reunite children with their parents

Let's Unite Children With Their Parents

Usually, pieces like these will start with something profound or an introspective quote when it comes to humanitarian issues. But due to my stark horror of the absence of human compassion towards people that I am seeing in the news, I've decided like proper legal action to protect these children, it can wait.

All of my social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever else, keeps showing, again and again, pictures of children in cages, children being taken away from their parents, the only family they have, children being treated like they're not human.

I'm not looking to bash Trump or his policies right now. Right now I am praying and then writing and then, later on, I will be calling my state representatives to take some action to help those kids. I have seen countless comments on a post of news articles about his Tent City in Texas and other pictures of this terrible thing happening. Many show their anger towards how these people are being treated, others show empathy and advocate for ways to help those children.

But others do the complete opposite. Calling the people who are trying to gain asylum in this country racial slurs, telling someone to push a kid's face away from the bars and poke him with a stick, saying that these kids deserve what is happening to them, that their parents deserve what is happening to them. And those people are saying this because for various reasons they presume that they are above these people looking to the great country of America for help, for asylum, for a new hope, simply because they were born here.

Those people need to reevaluate themselves and try to dredge up even an ounce of kindness for those kids. Stop calling them alien, they're from the same planet. Stop acting like they're stealing jobs when these people do the jobs that you don't bother to apply for because you see it as too menial. The people who are here legally and illegally are all the same: we're all immigrants.

People who leave their country of birth because they had hoped they would find a better way of life for not just themselves, but for their children, for the family, they could not bring with them. That has been this country's legacy from its birth. A country of people who left an overbearing monarchy to gain and exercise their own freedoms and rights. At its core, I believe this country was made to give hope to those that need it desperately, but our fears of each other, our prejudices, our ignorance has warped that ideal.

But still, the people who knew what needed to be done broke the laws that restricted true compassion and equality to give that hope its spark again. So what. Are people illegally crossing the border? They're overstaying their temporary visas or whatever documents in order to stay longer in this country? People need to realize that by changing our laws to allow prior illegality to be settled isn't a bad thing.

Women voting used to be illegal. Integration used to be illegal. The Boston Tea Party was illegal. The Underground Railroad was illegal. Even outside of this country, in World War 2 it was illegal to hide and harbor and help Jews, but people did it anyway. And that was because it was the right thing to do. Just because it was against the law doesn't mean it was wrong. It only meant that people had to break the law in order to do good until those laws were rewritten to protect those who needed it.

To make sure that people had their rights, that they were treated as not less than human. And it wasn't politicians or political parties that changed them, not at first. It was one person and then another and then another that said no more. Those people knew they were doing the right thing, even if it was dangerous. They knew they had an obligation to protect one another, even if the law said it was wrong.

There are people right now, all around in need of help. I want to talk about them all, but right now, I am here for all those kids not just in Texas camps because that is what they are, but all the migrant kids that we don't see on the news that is also being ripped away from their family all over the nation. Our constitution begins with the words, "We the people...", as in we are the ones responsible. There is no reason to separate these children from the parents, not legally. There is no reason for such a cruel punishment.

So it's very simple what needs to happen. First, ask yourself this question: Do I condone taking children away from their parents, from their family like this?

Second, if your answer was no, that's fantastic. Now do something. I don't care if you're picking up the phone to call your local government representatives or picking up a poster to protest. Whatever it is, help these kids, I don't care if you have to imagine them as your own kids or your friends' kids or whoever, but as long as you find some motivation to help those in need, use it. And if you still need a motivational, profound quote that pushes you to action then here's this: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke.

If you really don't want history to repeat itself, do something, but don't pretend like you had no power to stop it. The people have the power to change this country for the better.

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