This whole case has made me really frustrated, and I know I am not the only one. From the beginning of the case, when Dr. Ford came forward, this case intrigued me. After this case ended I realized that our country is truly led by men. A female came forward, not just a random woman. She had a great job, was very successful, and came forward about her encounter with this politician. This man was running for the US Supreme Court. A man who was going to be in our government. A man that our president supports.

The amount of courage it took for Dr. Ford to come forward is unreal. And yet, it doesn't matter. She put her entire reputation on the line and it was all for nothing. She came forward about an incident that is really triggering for her, something she does not want to relive. But now that she is in the public eye all the time and has to constantly speak about this event that dramatically changed her life. This event changed her relationships with her friends, family, and her husband as well. Even though this situation happened in high school, it still affects her to this day.

For the Senate to still vote for Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed into the US Supreme Court is unbelievable. That they do not think there is enough evidence to support Dr. Ford. I guess the fact that they both lived in the same area, had the same friend group, that there were reports of his heavy drinking, and how she reported her sexual assault years ago to a therapist, all of those reasons are not good enough.

So Dr. Ford came forward, put her reputation on the line and no one believed her. Apparently, you are able to sexually assault someone and it doesn't matter. You are still able to be on the US Supreme Court. I find that appalling. Our country should be looking for someone who is a role model, who you want your kids to strive to be. Not someone who blacks out when they drink all the time and then doesn't remember sexually assaulting someone.

But I believe her. Our country is so quick to judge, so quick to turn a blind eye to the fact that women are suffering, that women are scared to come forward about their own stories. As a country, we need to fix that. We need to make it okay for women to feel comfortable to say "Me Too". If our country stopped shaming women for speaking up, maybe more women would come forward. Until our country stops shaming them, men will think it is okay to continue their inappropriate behavior because they are not getting punished.

I applaud Dr. Ford, her bravery is outstanding and I hope one day our government can realize the mess that they are making. Until that day I will continue to stand with the women who have the bravery to come forward. Until that day I will continue to question our government. Until that day I hope no other women have to come forward and say "Me Too" because I will believe her.