It's that time of year again where the Grammy nominations have been brought upon us. Beyoncé is slaying the nominations with 9 noms in all the major categories followed by Drake, Kanye West and Rihanna who each have eight. About 13,000 people in the music industry voted and made their selections out of more than 21,000 recordings submitted. Through hard decisions made by music producers around, album of the Year noms are Adele's "25," Beyoncé's "Lemonade," Drake's "Views," Justin Bieber 's "Purpose" and Sturgill Simpson's " A Sailor's Guide to Earth."

Justin Bieber, nominated for four Grammys, has the opportunity to leave the world shook if he can beat any of the artists that he is up against. Though many think he is still the 16 year old kid who hasnt hit puberty, or makes music that only little girls would like, Justin Bieber has proven everyone wrong with his most recent Grammy nominated album Purpose. This year is a big deal for Bieber having 3 of his songs off the album rest on the billboard hot 100 for over a month. Some have doubted Bieber in the past but with his recent music, there is no doubt that he deserves his Grammy nominations; especially for album of the year.

Justin has time and time again shown us what he can do with his vocal range by blessing our ears with his high falsettos and his meaningful lyrics in his first song on the album, "Mark My Words"

Unfortunately this song was payed dust and not very many people know about it. Justin's voice hits its high point in this love felt song about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. You can tell in his voice his true passion for what he is singing about and how meaningful this is to him.

Justin's first single off the album, Where Are Ü Now, was released earlier in 2015. The song was accompanied by skrillex and diplo helping it get the succeful points it deserved.

With its catchy tune and upbeat tempo, WAÜN was a huge hit.

Right after this, he continued to breaks records. One number one is crazy but wait there's more, “Sorry“, “Love Yourself” and “What Do You Mean?” all managed to hit number one on the Billboard charts.

All of these songs chosen as singles, have shown his wonders in his vocals and gives us those catchy tunes we need on our playlists. The lyrics are relatable to anyone and can be put in any situation. You can't help but sing along.

Wait you think this is all auto tune and it's not real music? Take a listen.

Even if you disagree, sorry managed to slay records. There’s the international success of the Purpose tour, and the fact that the album quickly broke first-week streaming records both domestically and globally, with streaming numbers at 77 and 205 million, respectfully.I t’s also his fifth time releasing an album that’s sold over a million copies. Bieber managed to hang around even though his album was released in November of last year, where it was the third-best selling album of the year.

Justin gave the music we all wanted to hear and could possibly take home that Grammy for Album of the Year. And he rightfully deserves it.