My life is so hectic right now, I feel very discombobulated, kind of confused, and at a cross road. I feel that right now in my life that who I am and what I want to be is just so undetermined. Which is great but at the same time very disheartening, this is disheartening because I just feel that I don't have my life figured out or the certain skills I need, and I am about half way though college. Then it is great because I am not tied down by one singular thing and I have many options and paths that I can pursue. So I am kind of on the fence on how to feel about that. I am just emotionally kind of discombobulated because I feel that I am not personally as centered as I should be and at peace with myself, which is hard. I have been able to breathe a little easier because I do have some friends that bring me ease and peace, probably without even knowing it. I do feel by having these friends in my life things go a lot smoother and I feel I can let my guard down with them. Which is crazy because I have never felt that kind of trust or connection with any of my friends before. I do have my best friend whom I trust and are connected with but somehow this is different because I just feel it, there really are no words to describe it. I feel like that takes a little pressure off of me because with most other people I have to always be on edge and I can't relax. So my life is just a kamikaze of craziness and uncertainty sprinkled with a little bit of peace.