Yes, Jussie Smollett Is The Victim Of A Hate Crime

Jussie Smollett Was Attacked For Being A Gay Person Of Color — Period

As a gay man of color, Smollett is unfortunately a prime target for hate crimes.


Jussie Smollett is an actor and musician, best known for his role of Jamal Lyon on Fox's "Empire" and in "Alien: Covenant" as Ricks. He came out as gay in a 2015 interview with Ellen Degeneres and also portrays a homosexual man in the character of Jamal Lyon. However, there's more to Lyon than his sexual orientation, just like there is more to Jussie than his own preference.

Lyon is a dedicated performer with obvious talent, the son of a CEO of a major music label and music tycoon Lucious Lyon. He dressed in his mother's clothes when he was a child and even though his mother defended him, Lucious threw him in a trash can, saying that he did not want a son like that. Cookie Lyon was eventually arrested for dealing drugs and Jamal grew up with 17 years without his mother, regularly dealing with abuse from his father as if he would somehow magically not like men anymore.

Jussie Smollett received a letter with MAGA imagery and a threatening message, portraying a picture of Smollett hanging from a tree with a noose around his neck.

"You will die a black fag," adorned the white paper, letters cut out from magazines. He denied any security and was attacked on January 29 early morning in Chicago by, according to Smollett, two men wearing ski masks and shouting racial and homophobic slurs at him. Smollett says they inhumanely tied a rope around his neck and doused him in bleach — a modern-day lynching. He walked himself to a nearby hospital and was released later the day in good condition. It sickens me to my stomach that this is the America we are living in today.

News media is calling the attack a "possible" hate crime. It's not a possibility, the assault was full of hate.

Chicago Police Department has said that they have footage of Jussie walking alone, but they do not have video of the attack. Some suspect that Smollett created this ordeal of his own making, that it is a "convenient" time for a liberal agenda with the denial of Trump's wall or even to raise "Empire" ratings. What did he do? Beat himself up? Ask one of his friends to do it? Maybe the assailants dragged him to where there were no cameras or he simply walked out of shot.

People of color and those in the LGBTQ+ community are terrified to experience the same on a daily basis. Can you imagine being deathly afraid of being possibly killed just because of the amount of melanin in your skin or who you love or perhaps you choose to be yourself? If you can't, then sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have privilege! I am a white cisgender heterosexual woman and fully aware of my privilege, but consider myself to be an ally of those targeted against.

The number of hate crimes in this country rose a shocking 17 percent from 2016 to 2017.

It is the third year in a row that the numbers have risen and the way that 2019 is going, I suspect it won't be the last. There is also suspicion that local law enforcement does not report the correct number of hate crimes and the total is far greater than the FBI annual reports. Smollett and Alicia Keys recorded the song "Powerful," about putting a stop to hate crimes against all shades of color. There should be a time where no one is afraid to walk around in fear of being assaulted for something they cannot control. Smollett now has a security detail and the filming of "Empire" has halted until he is ready to return.

Making America great again is not this. It is not hate and attacking one another for being their most true selves.

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Allegations Of Domestic Abuse Against Johnny Depp Turn Out To Be False

Johnny Depp was framed and it turns out that his now ex-wife was actually the abuser, not the other way around.


You might have heard last year that Amber Heard, leading female actress in "Aquaman," made allegations over domestic abuse against her then-husband, Johnny Depp. This caused Twitter to "cancel" Johnny Depp, compelling people to boycott his movies, including the latest film from the Harry Potter universe, "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them." He was even dropped from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise following those allegations.

Recently, however, Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit against Heard for a whopping 50 million dollars on the counts that the abuse allegations she made were false. In addition, an overwhelming amount of evidence has been presented, including 87 surveillance tapes and 17 sworn eyewitness statements, showing that Heard was the perpetrator of the abuse, not Depp. She even became a "darling of the MeToo movement", a Human Rights Champion of the United Nations Human Rights Office, was appointed ambassador on women's rights at the American Civil Liberties Union, and was hired by L'Oreal Paris as its global spokesperson, as a result of the false allegations, according to the lawsuit from Depp's legal team. Reports say that she even confessed that they were a hoax as well.

It is truly a shame, and I am utterly disgusted at the level of sheer hypocrisy being demonstrated here. Imagine trying to propel your career based upon a mountain of lies and not only that, lies about the abuse that you committed. I honestly don't know how Heard can live with herself, having knowingly ruined someone's life by spreading lies, let alone causing a person such high levels of physical harm on multiple occasions (and on top of that her performance in "Aquaman" was EXTREMELY subpar). What Amber Heard did is just going to be used in favor of those who oppose the MeToo movement, because now there is clear evidence of a female celebrity lying about the abuse. Heard's lies could be used to discredit every woman telling the truth, and especially now we want to and SHOULD believe women. Instead of making things better for women, she has just magnified the damage and has made it increasingly difficult for women in the future to report their abuse because now there will be more speculation.

However, I do also think that it is crucial to think about the double standards we often hold here. Just because women tend to be the victims of abuse more than men does not mean that men do not also suffer abuse. Women should not be blindly believed on every occasion because of that statistic as well. We want so desperately to believe women, yet when Amber Heard claimed to have been abused she was believed without intense further investigations and even put on pedestals for her bravery, despite the fact that Depp's ex-wives had never suffered abuse by him. Perhaps every claim of abuse really should be investigated equally, regardless of the gender of the victim.

I am extremely glad that Johnny Depp was not the abuser because I have always admired his incredible acting and talent. I am glad that my impression of him can remain as good as it was before and that I can give him my full respect again. However, Amber Heard must be treated the same way Depp was when he was accused - full "cancellation."


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All People Should Be Aware Of The Social Injustice Regarding Difference In Skin Color

How having a different skin color means that society looks at you different.


Do you ever sit in class and just kind of look out into the distance, and sooner or later you find yourself not paying attention and then whoops you're on your phone? Well, I did in class (don't tell my mom) but I was scrolling on Twitter and came across this tweet. It read:

"My best friend has to work TWICE as hard as I do to receive the SAME opportunities I get just because of the differences in the color of our skin. That is an issue. And shame on me for not using my voice sooner. Shame on me for not bringing attention to the subject. This isn't for clout this isn't for likes this based of the fact that I'm so PISSED OFF at the way I have seen society treat my best friend. If I call you my brother I will fight this fight with you until I am blue in the face. Don't add to the problem be apart of the solution. Skin is just skin at the end of the day people who look different than me have helped me through some of my toughest times. Open your heart to love and acceptance this is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave… let's try and act like it."

In our society, today, if you truly think that people with a different skin complexion, take a step back and really look at our world today. This guy noticed one of his very best friends, same age, has to work just as hard even harder then he does to obtain the respect and things that he deserves. In one of my classes, we talked about the "public opinion after" blacks and whites see differently.

People of color see the world in a completely different light then white people do. A white parent tells there kid to go have fun and be safe and a person of color parent says the same thing but might add be home before the street lights come on, be home before sundown something like that. I am not saying that white parents might not say that but black kids have to be more cautious about staying out in the dark after certain times. People say that a person of color is less likely to finish high school and if they do they are more likely to drop out of college, and I have heard people say that about their peers.

Now, what gives YOU the right to determine someone else's future other than your own?

The point is that people of color have to be more cautious and work twice as hard as a white person. People are held to a different standard, there is more expected out of them. They have harsher punishments than a white person. A white person can do something far worse than a person of color and the white man gets the slap on the wrist and six months and the person of color gets at least ten years. Or a person of color can do nothing at all and a white person can feel "threatened" and completely kill the person of color and never see time behind bars.

Society needs to change. People need to change and open up their eyes and see what type of world we are living in. Is it really changing or are you just picking and choosing what you want to see?


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