The Ultimate Miami University Bucket List For Juniors
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The Ultimate Miami University Bucket List For Juniors

"To think that in such a place, I led such a life."

The Ultimate Miami University Bucket List For Juniors

"Love and honor to Miami, Our college old and grand..."

From the first lines of our fight song to the growing number of alumni to staff and current students, it's impossible not to see "Love and Honor" running through Miami University. Most students have the typical bucket list with things like going to Brick Street, Homecoming tailgates and participating in Greek life, but there's so much more to this school than those stereotypes. The Miami experience is what you make it, and there's no reason it should be anything less than amazing.

1. Attend at least one of every type of sporting event.

The Brotherhood / Facebook

You should try to attend a few games you wouldn't normally go to, but at the very least, if you don't come to at least one hockey game, do you even go to Miami?

2. Go for a hike through Formal Gardens.

Miami University / Facebook

Formal Gardens is one of the prettiest places on campus, yet whenever I'm over there, it's completely empty. With how hectic our schedules can be, sometimes it's nice to take a step back and enjoy being on what is easily the most gorgeous campus there is.

3. Go on a food tour of Oxford.

Caitlin Spielvogel

Mac & Joe's, Bagel & Deli Shop, Skipper's Pub & Top Deck, Kofenya, Patterson's Cafe, Left Field Tavern, Spring Street Treats, Fiesta Charra, Steinkeller, Paesano's Pasta House, Quarter Barrel Brewery + Pub, Bodega, Krishna, SDS Pizza, SoHi Grilled Sandwiches, Oxford Doughnut Shoppe, Oxford Coffee Company... there's so much more to Oxford than Brick Street.

4. Attend Charter Day Ball.

Jill Frye

Held every three years, Charter Day Ball celebrates the birthday of our beloved university. Whoever said we'd miss high school dances was wrong because everyone knows that college prom is so much better.

5. Watch the sun set over Yager Stadium.

Faith Obringer

Everyone knows that Oxford has the best sunsets, and on my list of favorite places on campus, Yager Stadium is at the very top. Granted this might be because I was in marching band, but Yager will always hold a special place in my heart. It always makes me feel at home, so it's a great place to just go sit in the quiet after a long day.

6. Join clubs and organizations that you genuinely enjoy being in.

David Kellogg / MUF&D Facebook

You don't have to only join organizations that are related to your major. I can't even explain to you how much I love being in MUF&D (our fashion and design organization), yet I'm studying statistics and actuarial science. You only have four years here, so make the most of them.

7. Get to know your professors.

Farmer School of Business / Facebook

Seeing your professors in class is great and all, but you should get to know them outside of class, too. They actually genuinely care about you beyond just the fact that you're in their class.

8. Visit the Career Center every once in awhile.

Miami University Career Center / Facebook

Believe it or not, this office exists for a reason. Go get your resumes checked and fine-tune your interview skills.

9. Take photos of EVERYTHING.

Caitlin Spielvogel

You don't know the next time you'll have all of your friends in the same place at the same time, and you'll want to remember everything from these four years. Take the photos now because you'll end up regretting it if you don't.

10. Have a picnic in Uptown Park.

Jill Frye

Uptown Park is such a cute little place in the middle of Uptown's craziness, but it's so nice to just sit and hang out there. Plus, there are tons of restaurants nearby to grab snacks from first.

11. Attend a lecture for fun.

Miami University Lecture Series / Facebook

If you had told me before coming to Miami that I would get to meet Jodie Sweetin or Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket) through school, I would have thought you were crazy. I've gotten to hear so many incredible people speak through both Miami's lecture series and FSB's executive speakers. The idea of going to a lecture outside of class may sound boring, but you might end up surprised.

12. Go on a random adventure around campus.

Colin Evans

Go sledding, take a hike, visit the art museum, run around Western Campus, make a RedHawk Hunt team... do whatever your heart desires. Everyone knows that sleep in college is nonexistent, so you may as well make time for fun, too.

13. Take a road trip with your best friends.

Jill Frye

Like I said, you never know when you'll have all of your best friends in the same place again. Take trips with them now while you guys still (kind of) have the time.

14. Take a class for fun, not because you have to.

Brennan Smith

10/10 people recommend taking ballroom dance with one of your roommates because it's a lit time.

15. Attend a student performance.

Miami University Men's Glee Club / Facebook

Miami's performing arts departments work just as hard as the athletes, and they should be recognized for their efforts as well. There's so much hidden talent in Oxford if you just know where to look.

Miami really is the entire college experience, and as students (and future alumni), we have so many opportunities thanks to this school. Don't get me wrong, academics are still important and obviously why we're here, but don't forget to also create an experience and friendships worth remembering and keeping. After all, "...Love and honor to Miami, Forever and a day."

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