It's July, summer at its prime. It's far enough away from the end of the last school year and the beginning of the next that life is in full on summer mode with no cares in the world. Or at least that's what I used to think.

When I was younger, all of my friends lived within five minutes of my house, I didn't have a job, and summer was my favorite time of year. I loved being able to wake up and spontaneously text anyone I wanted on my good ol' regular cell phone to make plans for our parents to drive us to each other's houses to spend the whole day laying out, baking, or watching movies. We honestly had so much fun at home, we rarely felt the need to go anywhere else. We had no obligation to anyone or anything.

Life changes quicker than middle-school-me thought it would. I thought I'd be a kid forever, but here I am about to enter my second year of college, something completely unfathomable to me at the time. And as crazy as it seems, I'm counting down the days until I move back to college because life at school is significantly better than life at home for these reasons.

1. Fewer hours at work


I'm currently working 40+ hour work weeks. Even though I love my job, I really could use some time to myself again.

2. More people I want to talk to


I live in a small town, so being home for the summer means seeing a lot of people you don't want to associate with anymore in addition to seeing everyone you missed. There are just straight up more people at school I'd rather be around

3. The opportunity for opportunities


I'm sorry, but being stuck in your hometown doesn't often lead to much of anything exciting happening. Being on campus however leads to both career opportunities and social opportunities and more.

4. University traditions


I'm ready to scream INI in response to ILL again!

5. FALL!


Warm coffee, apple cider, and the most beautiful outdoor landscape. Count me in!

6. Variety of responsibilities


I really do the same things every day, and I'm over it. At least while I'm at school, I have multiple things that need done so I can pick and choose. Crazy is always better than boring!

7. Always something to do


There's rarely ever a time on campus when there isn't some sort of event going on. I can't say the same about anywhere else I've been this summer.

8. Free food/stuff


Oh gosh, I really miss being able to eat full meals and build a full wardrobe without spending a dime.

So enjoy your summer while it lasts kiddos. Someday soon you'll be hating it as much as I do right now.