So you have officially decided to major in journalism.

Maybe you plan to write for a publication, be a broadcast anchor or pursue the strat comm side of the media world.

Whatever your interest area, here are 29 things every journalism major can relate to.

1. Finding out that journalism is so much more than just writing an article

2. The AP Stylebook has become your new Bible

3. Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy

4. Objectivity, objectivity, objectivity

5. Basically, any journalism buzzword repeated 3 times to get the point across

6. Having to download 7 different news apps to your phone so you ace your current events quizzes

7. Hearing "Journalists don't make a lot money" on the daily

8. Also hearing "Everybody hates journalists nowadays" on the daily

9. Being forced to do class assignments on every type of media even if it isn't your interest area

10. Questioning your career choice every other day

11. Being overly critical of everyone else's grammar and punctuation

12. Realizing that you have wayyy more biases than you thought

13. Having to look up half of every sentence you write in the AP Stylebook to make sure you aren't breaking any of the 1,000 rules

14. Must. Not. Use. Clichés.

15. Getting a paper/mock article back and it looks like your professor murdered it with red pen

16. Realizing that you probably should have paid attention in high school grammar lessons

17. Whoever created the word "DEADlines" clearly knew they were indeed a matter of life or death

18. Sifting through hundreds of possible internships in attempt to find one that sounds interesting (and not too insanely complicated)

19. Editing your papers/articles 5+ times just to make sure you didn't use the wrong form of "to/two/too" to avoid shameful embarrassment

20. The struggle of having to write every article at an 8th grade comprehension level

21. On the plus side, you've learned how to dumb down almost every single subject in existence so anyone can understand it

22. The struggle of trying to find interesting and creative stories and angles

23. "Hey, can you edit my paper?"

24. Silently judging every grammar/AP style/spelling error in online and print publications

25. What the hell is a graf anyway? Why not just call it a paragraph like the rest of society?

26. Realizing that there are way more intricate parts to a simple news article than you ever cared to know

27. The struggle of finding juuuust the right word

28. Trying like hell to stay clear of the endless "-isms" in your writing (ageism, sexism, racism, the list is endless)

29. The Oxford comma debate is never-ending