Josh Brown: Example Or Exception?
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Josh Brown: Example Or Exception?

After yet another botched domestic violence investigation, is Josh Brown another example of an NFL player having a run-in with DV, or was he just unluckily caught?

Josh Brown: Example Or Exception?
Jeffrey Beall / Wikimedia Commons

Stop me if you've heard this headline before: "[Insert NFL team name] [insert football position] [insert player name] arrested for domestic violence incident," or something to that effect. Well, it happened again, and this time the subject of that headline was New York Giants' Kicker Josh Brown.

But if you've been paying attention to this situation over the last week, you'd know that it has escalated quite a bit since that generic headline was first published a few months ago.

The script is pretty typical up until this past week. The Giants signed Brown to a contract extension in April. Before the start of the regular season, the NFL suspended Brown for one game, and it was reported that he was arrested on a fourth-degree domestic violence charge from May 2015. Brown claims it was "just a moment" that he had with his wife, then police documents emerge where his wife claims he has hit her on over 20 separate occasions. The Giants, his employer, remain silent, other than having to dodge numerous questions from the media about their policy on domestic violence.

Brown served his suspension and rejoined the team. This week, though, we received more news on the situation, and boy, it gets pretty ugly.

Last Wednesday, police released a journal of Brown's which contained multiple entries in which Brown wrote about verbally and physically abusing his wife, and the specifics aren't something I want to include here, but if you're really curious, check out this article from ABC.

For our purposes, let's just say it was really bad and go from there. The NFL quickly reopened its investigation into Brown's domestic violence issues and about a day later it was announced that Brown would not travel with the Giants to their game in London, having been placed on the commissioner's exempt list and being indefinitely prohibited from participating in any football-related activities.

After facing a barrage of fire from the media once again, Giants' owner Jim Mara wouldn't budge, and the fact that he wouldn't budge is quite troubling. He said that Josh Brown had made them aware of his transgressions and they continued to do work with him because, essentially, they didn't have enough information so they didn't think anything was wrong.

Ray Rice, anyone?

I'm not sure what it is, but it seems like lately the NFL has really been dropping the ball when it comes to domestic violence investigations. Of course, there are many active players in the league with histories of domestic violence, but in the last few years, these situations have been put under a microscope with the evolution of social media. The NFL has botched its last two major domestic violence cases, and something needs figured out so it doesn't happen again.

Upon initial investigation, Rice and Brown both faced minimal consequences for their run-ins with domestic violence, and it wasn't until something else was released (a video, in Rice's case) that public outcry took over and forced the hand of the NFL once more.

Why are they not getting these right the first time?

Granted, rules in the NFL are a little (a lot) messed up right now. Weed will get players suspended for a whole season, celebrations get players fined, yet Josh Brown allegedly abused his wife on over 20 separate instances and almost came away unscathed. Figure it out, NFL.

The Giants signed another kicker in Robbie Gould and that probably means that Josh Brown's time with the Giants, and potentially in the NFL, has come to an end. Similarly, Rice never caught on with another time as there isn't a franchise in the league that wants to employ someone who has demonstrated such inhuman behavior. Rightfully so.

But really, why does it come to this? Had that journal never been released, Josh Brown would have served that suspension and we likely never would have heard about this again. Considering what was in that journal, that's pretty damning. And had that Rice elevator video never been released, he'd still be carrying the ball for some poor, unaware team. And that's just not acceptable. Somebody needs to make sure these things are handled correctly the first time, not months after, because it's only a matter of time before one of these situations will arise, and ultimately fall through the cracks. You've got some big fish to fry, NFL.

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