Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson

Jordyn Woods Does Not Deserve All Of The Hate From The Tristan Thompson Scandal

You really know who your true friends are after you go through a bad experience.


By now, most people know about the supposed cheating scandal between Jordyn Woods, Tristan Thompson, and Khloe Kardashian.

First, I just want to say that this whole scandal could have been easily resolved, but as usual, the Kardashians blew it up and made a way bigger deal out of it than necessary. That's a whole other story though.

Honestly, I believe Jordyn is not completely at fault. She may not be 100% innocent, but she deserves an apology from Khloe and her family. On the Red Table Talk, Jordyn told her side of the story, and based on what she said, she does not deserve any of the hate she's getting.

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Now, granted, she admitted that she probably should have just gone home and not put herself in the situation, but why is she feeling bad about it? Why does she have to apologize for just visiting her best friend's sister's boyfriend? She knew him so when everyone announced the after party was at his house, she felt comfortable about the fact that she knew whose house she would be at instead of just being at a stranger's place.

Jordyn is not the one at fault.

She never in any way acted like she wanted to sleep with him, and she didn't go to the party because he would be there. Tristan is the one that took advantage of her. He kissed her, WITHOUT her consent, and put her in a difficult situation where she had to explain herself to the Kardashian family.

It's really disappointing that Jordyn had to lose her best friend over the scandal. Jordyn had to move out of Kylie's house, and she was just kind of abandoned by her so-called best friend. I understand that Kylie and Khloe are sisters, but she shouldn't have abandoned Jordyn when she needed a friend the most.

I also think it's really unfair that Khloe is just sitting back and playing the victim. She accused Jordyn of being the reason her family is broken now, but actually, it's all Tristan's fault.

Don't forget, Khloe, we all know that he's a known cheater. In fact, that's how the two of you got together in the first place.

I understand that he is the father of her child, but that in no way excuses his action. If Jordyn is going to be hated on, then so should Tristan because he is more guilty than her.

Jordyn is someone that has been with the Kardashian family for a very long time and she's been loyal to them, but this whole incident just shows that they don't value her as much as they seem to.

We all knew how the Kardashians were before this, but this just proves how truly awful they are. I hate that Jordyn has lost her best friend, but she could do better because she's better off without this drama-filled family.

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The last 3-4 weeks of every college student's semester are always crazy hectic.

We have last minute assignments, group projects, and exams all squeezed into the last few weeks before break.

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3. When you and your roommate try to cook with whatever few ingredients you have left in stock.

Because we definitely want to avoid going to the grocery store at the end of the semester if we can.

4. When your parents get tired of you calling them about every little inconvenience in your life.

5. Sitting down to work on assignments.

6. Your thoughts when the professor is telling you what they want from you out of an assignment.

7. When you've had about 30 mental breakdowns in two days.

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Kim Kardashian West: Attorney At Law

People are underestimating her, much like how Warner Huntington III underestimated Elle Woods.


If you've been paying attention to social media, then you may have noticed the little announcement that Kim Kardashian West is participating in a 4-year law apprenticeship with the intention of taking and passing the bar by the end of it. Yes, you heard that right. THE Kim Kardashian. Armenian bombshell, reality show star, businesswoman, and most importantly, the most famous crying meme you'll ever see around.

I'll be honest with you, I don't particularly like the Kardashians. I used to watch their show religiously, but then they got super into promoting appetite suppressants and waist trainers in their social media and I wasn't about that unhealthy body-image life and I stopped following them. However, I do have a certain level of respect for her and how good of a businesswoman she is, because as much as people hate her, they can't deny that she has an empire built around her, no matter how superficial and expensive it is.

Beyond all of that, a lot of my respect for her comes from her and her husband Kanye being loud and unsubdued voices on Criminal Justice Reform. Many people have heard about Kanye's unabashed support of Donald Trump, but putting those feeling aside (however hard they may be), much of what Kanye has done by schmoozing up to Trump, is bring attention to the bigger picture of our broken justice system.

Back to Kim, in May of 2018, she went to the White House and spoke to Trump about prison reform as well as the possibility of pardoning Alice Marie Johnson. One week after her talk with Trump, Johnson was pardoned from a life sentence and was set to be released from prison after serving about two decades for a first-time drug offense. It was this instance that really drew Kim towards law.

This past week, Kim announced that she was going to become a lawyer and since then I've heard many jokes and comments about her and these particular ambitions. These comments mostly come from people who are not of color. These comments come from people who don't understand the hardships that this justice system imparts disproportionately against people of color. These comments come from ignorant people, but I get it. I was taken aback by it too. However, she is using her money, name, and fame to do some really necessary good in this world and for that I applaud her.

So join me in welcoming and wishing her the best at using her fame for something good. Kim Kardashian West, Criminal Justice Advocate and Lawyer.

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