Jordin Sparks' 'One Step At A Time' Brought Back My Confidence
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Jordin Sparks' 'One Step At A Time' Brought Back My Confidence

After hearing this song, it encouraged me a lot to think positively on my decisions and that I can achieve my dreams.

Jordin Sparks' 'One Step At A Time' Brought Back My Confidence

College graduation is almost near and I am really nervous. Even though I have already planned some things that I am going to do after, I am still a nervous wreck. There has never been a single day that I do not worry about my future. I really hope that all I have done and planned really help me achieve what I have dreamed and worked for. Yet, I am still uncertain about whether how these things will turn out. Sometimes I feel like I am still behind everyone else. Then, that's when I heard Jordin Sparks' song, "One Step at a Time."

One night, my twin sister and I got accepted into a program which takes place after our graduation. We got really excited but also really nervous. Then, my twin sister told me to hear this song, "One Step at a Time."

Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time YouTube

At first, I heard the beginning of clacking sounds of footsteps, and it was definitely distinguishable to tell that this person is walking, wearing some sort of high heel shoes. Right away, I heard a lovely female voice singing, "Dadadada" with a bubbly heavenly sound like a harp, with a catching beating sound. I couldn't help but start shaking my head to its rhythm. Then, the clacking sounds of the footsteps disappear but the rhythm still follows the same as if the footsteps never left. Then, she starts singing the lyrics, "Hurry up and wait."

I was able to picture myself as if she is telling me to go forward to my dreams and goals quickly but then at the same time, she is telling me to slow down. I was wondering why but I felt a little less stressed. Then, after, she continues singing, "so close, but so far away" and "Everything that you've always dreamed of, Close enough you can taste, But you can't touch" which got me to see that my dreams and goals are in front of me but not really. Her voice captures that tone of a tender yearning to reach a goal.

Then, the song starts to pace quickly when she sings, "You wanna show the world, but no one knows your name yet" which connects the possible future dream I want and I want to "show" what I can do with my future dream but "no one knows" about me yet if I do not show them my hard work or what I can do. With the same quick pace, she continues, "You wonder when and where and how you're gonna make it" and "You know you can if you get the chance" which demonstrates on how active and determined I am thinking about my future dreams and goals. Then, one of the most striking parts here is when she sings, "in your face as the door keeps slamming."

This part I remember myself feeling that attaining my dream is impossible and I feel like that I am running out of options as well as all the past goals that I have failed to reach. That feeling of hopelessness is shown here when she then sings, "Now you're feeling more and more frustrated," and "And you're getting all kind of impatient, waiting."

Then, the song has grabbed my heart when she sings, "We live and we learn to take" and "One Step at a Time." Here, from this chorus, I know exactly what she means, I should take "one step at a time." Especially, like taking my time through the process in achieving my dreams when she sings, "There's no need to rush." After, she sings, "It's like learning to fly to fly, Or falling in love" which shows that it is important to cherish the time through the process because each step is meaningful. Then, she sings, "It's gonna happen and it's, Supposed to happen that we, find the reasons why, One Step at a Time" which means to me that with this kind of a mindset of "one step at a time" and hard work, I will be able to reach my future dreams and goals. Most importantly, for me, just remember to slow down and tell myself that it is "one step at a time" so that way it's not a big weigh or an overwhelming feeling on me.

Then, the pacing slows down with the next lyrics of the song which are "You believe and you doubt, You're confused and got it all figured out" which sums up my feelings of determination and uncertainty that keep coming to my mind especially on the decisions I have planned after my graduation. Next, she then sings, "Everything that you've always wished for, Could be yours, should be yours, would be yours, If they only knew" to say that the dreams and goals can be easy to obtain for me if "they," meaning society, "only knew" about it and me but it's not, because I need to have the courage to show "them" on what I can do for my future dreams and goals.

Then, these feelings of uncertainty, "doubt" and "confused" becomes consoled when she repeats her chorus. Then, another new strong chorus comes but the prominent lyrics from there for me is when she sings, "It's your faith that makes you stronger, The only way we get there is one step at a time" which definitely empathizes the whole important message which is to take "one step at a time" and that I must have the "faith" on continuing to take on the next "steps" to achieve my future dreams and goals.

After hearing this song, it has encouraged me a lot to think positively about my decisions and that I can achieve my dreams. I am not stressed that much as before after hearing this song. Also, graduating from college and doing the program after college are just the first few "steps."

So I definitely recommend anyone who feels anxious about their future dreams and goals or any experience they are facing, hear this song to cheer you up and cheer you on!

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