As some of you may have heard by now, but if you didn't, the Jonas Brothers might be getting back together again six years after their split sources say.

The brothers will not be going under their old name the Jonas Brothers. Instead, they will be just going by Jonas. Reportedly, they will not only come out with new music, but they will also come out with a documentary about their reunion along with a tour.

It's been six years since the group broke up in 2013. If the rumors are true, it would be nice to see what they have been up to since then. We do know some things that they have been doing like Nick's solo career, Joe being in DNCE, and Kevin's business career. We also know that Kevin is married with children, Nick just got married, and Joe is engaged.

But it would be cool to see what else they have been up to as well. Plus, if they do come back to make new music and go on tour, it would be cool to see the behind the scenes of it all.

Hopefully, the rumors are true, and they are getting back together because that would be awesome. I have never seen them live, and it would be great to finally get the chance to see them kill it on stage.

Don't get me wrong. I love what they are doing in their solo careers, but I'm excited to see them back together again.

Nothing is official yet. If the rumors are not true then that is still alright because we still get to hear music from their solo careers along with getting to still see them acting on screen. So, I don't think the Jonas Brothers are going anywhere, anytime soon. They might just not be a band anymore which is fine, they don't have to be.