Old Disney Channel fans, rejoice! The Jonas Brothers are back and are creating the perfect excuse to reminisce about one of our favorite childhood boy bands.

With the release of their new song "Sucker," the Jo Bros look like they are gearing up for a reunion album and tour.

Though I'm excited to hear their new music, what's a reunion tour without them singing some of their old hits?

Here are some songs that the present-day Jonas Brothers need to take another crack at if/when they do a reunion tour.

1. "Year 3000"

One of the most catchy and hilariously dated Jonas Brothers songs ever. Also, it's a friendly reminder that now the Jonas Brothers might actually get to their seventh album (and outsell Kelly Clarkson)!

2. "Lovebug"

There's no better way to get former fangirls swooning again than to break out this adorable love song.

3. "Burnin' Up"

So. Freaking. Iconic. Everything about this song is absolutely legendary, from the corny spy video to Nick Jonas' "RED DRESS" echo. They better bring out Big Rob for his rap too!

4. "Time For Me to Fly"

This song is from the Jonas Brothers' very first album. The first time I heard it, I thought they had a girl featured on the song, but it turns out it was just a prepubescent Nick Jonas. It would be awesome to hear it sung with their current voices.

5. "S.O.S"

Picture it: Joe Jonas high-fiving audience members during the "Next time I see you, I'm giving you a high five" line. It'll be amazing.

6. "When You Look Me In the Eyes"

Every good reunion concert needs a song to bring on the feels. And there's nothing like early-2000s feels like this dramatic black-and-white music video. (Also it's an objectively good song. You can fight me on this)

7. "Fly with Me"

The first few chords of this song are enough to bring in a rush of nostalgia. Audience members would eat this up.

8. "Mandy"

You can't fully go on a Jo Bros nostalgia trip without their first big single!

9. "A Little Bit Longer"

I know I've talked about feels before, but this song (which is about Nick Jonas' struggle with Type 1 Diabetes) really brings on the emotions. It really holds up the test of time as a great motivational song for people dealing with the disease.

10. "Paranoid"

This is one of those songs that you completely forget exists until you hear the first few lines and it suddenly hits you like a truck because you still know all the words. It's truly a magical experience.

11. "Much Better"

This song is a bop. That's it.

12. "Video Girl"

This song is so catchy, but also really insightful into what it's like dating when you're famous. It also throws some serious shade, which fans will definitely appreciate.