On February 18, 2019, sources have confirmed that the Jonas Brothers are planning a reunion after 6 long years of being apart. This is honestly everything I had hoped and dreamed of since their split in 2013. My inner middle-schooler fandom obsessed pre-teen and teenager is FREAKING OUT and can't wait to hear what more is in store for my favorite band.

During their prime, I was a hardcore JoBros fan, much like many others. I obsessed over them, went to all their concerts and planned my wedding with Nick. Unfortunately, things are different now (mainly due to the fact that Nick is married and can therefore no longer marry me), but their recent reveal for a reunion is the best thing yet!

Yes, the brothers had their stint for single albums and were pretty successful going their own ways on their own musical paths, but as a JoBros fan, I can't say I was as big of a fan of their single work as I was for them together as a brothers band. There was just something about the way their energy meshed that drew me in. Or maybe it was just how cute they all are.

It might have been 6 years, but you better believe that I am just as big of a fan now as I was then. I've got to rummage through my closet for my old concert shirts and tour programs, but I still have them somewhere. Rumors have it that they are releasing a new album and a documentary in the near future. I for one can tell you that I will be first in line to hear their new music and see their new projects. Apparently, the band will now go by the name JONAS, dropping off the "brothers" part of their old band name.

(Jonas Brothers fans probably cannot help but reminisce about their old Disney Channel TV show by the same name that we all know we only ever watched because we were obsessed with the brothers and not because the script, plot or acting were anything to be excited about.)

I think I speak for all the ex-future Mrs. Jonas' when I say that I would love to see the brothers go on tour again together. Even though I'm older now, and am an adult with a career, nothing has changed as far as I am concerned. I will still be buying tickets to their show and going crazy singing along to their music as I clap and dance along. Here's to hoping they will do throwbacks to some of their old stuff, and possibly even incorporate some of their newer single projects.

While not many details have been revealed yet, I think that this exciting news is exactly the thing that all we millennials in our college and post-college existential crises needed to hear. So ditch your boyfriends, or maybe even your husbands for a night out with the girls because our boys are back!