Throwback to your high school days when you were in love with the Jonas Brothers. Now that the band is broken up you might not have thought about them for quite some time. But even still, they have never left your heart. Here are some ways that you obsessed (and maybe continue to obsess) over their awesomeness!

1. Memorize all their songs.

You knew every word to every one of their songs. Even the ones that you didn't really like. And if the song came on in the car, or even at Target, you shamelessly would sing along at the top of your lungs because obviously, you were a future Mrs. Jonas anyways.

2. Go to their concerts.

Jonas Brothers concert=meeting your future husband. Obviously your seats needed to not only be close enough for you to see them, you also needed to be close enough so that they could see you.

3. Plan your wedding with them.

Since you were a future Mrs. Jonas you spent hours planning your wedding to the appropriate brother. You knew absolutely everything about him anyways so it was inevitable that he would fall in love with you. You could see it all perfectly, especially the part where he sings "When You Look Me in the Eyes" at your wedding. It was going to be perfect!

4. Stalk them.

Stalk is a rather harsh word... How about pursuing your future husband? Either way, you knew everything about them by reading their fan magazines, watching all their videos, buying all their CDs, and going to all their concerts. Maybe you've even met them a few times and/or discovered where they live by using google maps... But it's fine. You don't have a problem.

5. Buy all their merchandise.

If it has their faces on it, chances are you own it. Do you need a new toaster? No. But it has the Jonas Brothers on it. Yes. You might or might not have a Camp Rock themed bathroom...still...

6. Watch JONAS.

The Jonas Brothers got their own TV show and you were STOKED! It doesn't matter that it wasn't any good. You had to support your future husband and his brothers so you still watched every episode. If only they had gone with the original idea where they were spies. I think everyone agrees that that would've been so much better!

7. Watch their Youtube videos.

Remember “The Nick Jonas Show”? Or how about when Joe danced to "Single Ladies"? And you can’t forget “Bounce”.

8. Still listen to their songs.

Even though it’s been years since they produced new music together, you still actively listen to their songs from time to time. No matter how many times the brothers mention how they are happy to have moved on in their careers you are still nostalgic for their old days when you could jam out to “Burnin Up” on Radio Disney. Good thing you can still access your old CDs or pull them up on Spotify!

So, no matter how long it’s been, you know you will never forget your favorite band. A Jobros fan is a fan for life