Odyssey is always looking for more people to join our team. Do you think that could be you? Do you need some more convincing? Read on, and hopefully you'll be hooked by the end.

1. You will meet people equally as passionate about writing

Who knew there was a whole world of creators out there, and ones that are right there on your campus! I have met some of the best and coolest people all within my Odyssey community.

2. You can write about whatever you want

One week you could be writing about how much you love spring, and the next you could be writing about how your parents divorcing influence you as a child. Anything is possible. We accept controversial topics, basic topics that everyone writes about, and whatever you can come up with. As long as you can come up with 500 words and a catchy title, you're good!

3. Anyone is allowed to join

I am a music education major with a unique outlook on life. My team is made up of other education majors, financing majors, and who knows what else. You name it, we probably have it. As long as you're able to type, and come up with weekly content, come join the team!

4. Involvement

I am involved in just about anything and everything I can be. My schedule is constantly full, but my freshman year of school, I just had to add another thing on top of it. Sure, I've had my ups and my downs. I've missed submissions, ran out of ideas and hit writers block, but I've also written amazing articles on content I love and ones I don't even know about.

5. Creative outlet

Odyssey has given me a creative outlet I didn't know I would want or need. As a music major with music major friends, everyone's creative outlet is music. All I want to do in my life is teach others the joy of music. Performing is amazing, and listening to music is great, but music is not my creative outlet. I can't compose a song for the life of me, and I'm not the best composer. Writing however, is what gave me the creative outlet I didn't think I needed. The thought of writing whatever I want for the whole world to read makes me happy.

6. It's an experience like no other

I would never be able to get this experience by joining a regular club. As someone who isn't going into a profession field of anything like this, I wouldn't even get this experience in the future.

7. You can put it on any resume

People will look at that and automatically know you're good at typing, able to edit, have creativity, and voice your thoughts.

The entire reason I am encouraging you to do this, if it is what you desire, is because this will be my one year anniversary of writing for the Odyssey article. Technically, my first article came out February 22, 2017. So it has actually been a year and two months of me writing for Odyssey. However, it will be my 52nd article which means if I had actually submitted weekly, this would have come out two months ago. Writing for Odyssey has changed my life and I wouldn't want anything else. I encourage you to step up to the challenge. You never know what you're going to get out of it.

Self-promotion: go check out my other articles from the past year and see how much my writing has improved

Odyssey promotion: if you're really interested, even in the slightest, submit an application. What's the worst that can happen?