An Ode To The One & Only, John Mulaney
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An Ode To The One & Only, John Mulaney

The man with a "moral backbone of a chocolate eclair."

John Mulaney via Instagram

I was a busy, busy college student, with mounds of homework and exams to study for and no time to simply relax. So, naturally, I was laying in bed, looking at the latest additions to Netflix. I stumbled across the comedy section, and a familiar name popped out at me - John Mulaney. I vaguely remembered my friend telling me that I had to watch him. After convincing myself that homework and responsibility could be postponed for an hour, with one click of a button the voice of John Mulaney filled my dorm room.

And I never looked back.

Now, this might sound dramatic. However, if you are reading this and have yet to be entertained by this legend, I would like you to pause, go watch the most recent standup comedy special on Netflix - John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid - and then continue reading. For those who have had the opportunity to enjoy any of his comedy specials, then you might even say I am understating how fantastically hilarious he really is.

An Emmy award-winning, American stand-up comedian and former writer on SNL, John Mulaney captivates his audience with relatable jokes and entertaining stories from his own life. He also does a great job of voicing his political opinions in stories while still making it fun and light. His dynamic and engaging stage presence not only charms the audience but adds to his dazzling performance. He recently starred in the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, voicing Peter Porker, aka Spider-Ham, and has also been on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, as well as the hit Broadway performance Oh, Hello.

College can be some of the best years of your life, but they can also be some of the most challenging. Many students find ways to cope, whether it be material pleasures or consumable highs, anything that can bring a sense of peace and give us a break from the craziness of school and the imminent stresses. Therefore I have an offer for you - watch John Mulaney and cast your worries to the wind!

But alas, if you have made it this far in the article and are still not convinced, allow yourself to go back in time, when you were sitting in the car on vacation, stuck between your siblings because you were the unfortunate soul to get the middle seat, but spot those Golden Arches on the horizon...

"We started chanting, 'McDonald's! McDonald's! McDonald's!' and my dad pulled into the drive-thru, and we started cheering! And then, he ordered one black coffee for himself and kept driving. And as mad as that made me as a kid, in retrospect, that is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life."

C'mon, just try it.

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