Love him or hate him, John Mayer does what he wants. And he's really good at it.

He's a genius singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and performer with a quick wit, and he's known to say and post whatever is on his mind. He doesn't take life too seriously and that really comes in handy with his newest project: his Instagram series.

He posts stories daily with relatable content that gives us a look into his life, and it's super legitimate. So legitimate that he decided to promote it on Jimmy Kimmel's show instead of his new single. But the best part of all is his Instagram Live show, "Current Mood." It's current because it's completely live and on the spot.

It has a set, guests, performers and jokes just like a talk show, but it's actually better because John Mayer recognized that it takes a certain level of ignorance to make it work. And he's fine with being on that level for the sake of content.

It is absolutely the best way to start the week on a high note, maybe even the only way.

And yes, it really is just John Mayer sitting in front of his phone reading and responding to comments and talking about cereal for a half hour.

And yes, the set is just a table that is actually a cardboard box and a posterboard that he glued stuffed dogs onto.

But that doesn't take the magic away from it. It gives him something to do and it gives thousands of people something good to watch without commercials.

Another really great thing about it is that it's so personal. The people watching get to comment and become a part of the show. And it's all John; there are no writers and no staff. He invites the guests, he built the set and he comes up with what to talk about. Plus, he has super cool friends who guest star and play songs and comment.

In just the first four episodes he's had Andy Cohen, Charlie Puth, Cazzie David, Cautious Clay and Thundercat. We get to see him interact with people close to him, and everyone seems to adore him.

You never know what you'll end up watching because John Mayer is a man of many thoughts, but he's also incredibly lighthearted. So, he responds to things and answers weird questions and makes the viewers a part of the action. He's just a guy who wanted a talk show, so he made it happen for himself.

He sends off his viewers on a great week with a sermon wishing them well. He's positive and says everything a person needs to hear on a Sunday night before they go to bed and get a fresh start. He really is the best person for the job.

And let's be honest, Instagram is usually super negative and it makes us feel bad about ourselves, so, it's awesome to have an element of guaranteed positivity and light-hearted humor.