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Jocks And Jokes

What it's like being friends with athletes.

Jocks And Jokes
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With the Olympics being right around the corner everyone is starting to think how awesome it would be to go, at least I am. As someone who never really got into football, or any sport for that matter it made me wonder how I have so many friends that are athletes. I was Student Body President at my high school and highly involved even before that so I met a lot of incredible people, but still how could I relate to these individuals? I hated running, I didn't watch sports, and I've been in Dick's Sporting Goods like five times. So here's how it is having these wonderful people be your friend.

1. Sometimes you get lost

"Hey do you wanna hang out tomorrow night?" "Yeah come over in a Panthers jersey and bring some chips." I spent the whole night being confused as to what was going on. As I've stated, I don't really keep up with the world of sports so watching it is like sitting in an advanced anatomy class taught by a Russian speaking professor, which is hard by the way. I always feel stupid asking questions because everyone else obviously seems to know what's going on and doesn't really want to take the time to explain. Another thing is when everyone is talking about an upcoming game and using terms you've never heard before, it's best to just nod along and google later.

2. Round is a shape

My friends work out like crazy, even when it isn't their sports season, which means sometimes you've gotta workout with them if you ever wanna see them. I have almost died on several occasions. Warm ups are usually two miles, yes warm ups, and then some "light" weight lifting. It's absolutely horrible and my lungs usually feel like they are about to explode but it's all worth it when your friend smiles at you and says, "just one more lap." Yeah it's not really worth just meet them after practice.

3. Why am I such a good friend?

Some of my friends really wanted for me to come out to their games and sometimes I couldn't say no. It can be kind of awkward when you realize all the people you know are out on the field while you're in the bleachers usually surrounded by family members or random classmates. The concession stand is only so interesting and after awhile you realize you shouldn't have spent five dollars on nachos. You end up screaming really loudly when someone you know goes out to play and you take really blurry pictures for snap-chat, but your friends appreciate it non-the-less.

4. You can't sit with us

Going up to a group of jocks is always slightly intimidating. Maybe its just the high school cliché, but they could totally throw me in a dumpster -- not that I wouldn't make a scene about it but still. It's easy to feel like sometimes they don't see you as an equal, which is ridiculous, just because I can't run fast or throw a ball in a net doesn't mean we can't be friends. Though I've had the feeling that sometimes they just wanna hang out with the guy's after practice or talk to a fellow team mate. They still love you but sometimes you aren't the friend they need.

5. Yin and Yang

Like Yin and Yang, you balance each other out. You are their sweet relief from a tough day on the court and their confidant to tell all the latest gossip to. They offer you the best bear hugs, seriously hug a football player, and they give you the illusion that you are in tip top shape because athletes only hang out with other athletes. It's a great relationship that you wouldn't have any other way because secretly like the proud parent of the group you are, you like taking pictures and cheering them on at games (also keeping the hope that you can live off them when they make it big).

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