I Would Sell My Left Kidney For Jimmy John's Turkey Tom
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I Would Sell My Left Kidney For Jimmy John's Turkey Tom

The underdog of late-night orders.

I Would Sell My Left Kidney For Jimmy John's Turkey Tom

It's 2 AM, you've got two finals in the morning, and all you wanna do pass out and die for what little time you can before you get thrown into the wringer that is life before exams.

Now, on top of all that, you're reaching that point of the night where you're getting hit with hunger you wouldn't have realized was affecting you had you done what normal people do and slept at a reasonable time. With the regrets running through your mind, caloric intake becomes less and less of a factor as a desire for instant dietary gratification begins to be the only priority.

Beginning study break number 47 you begin looking through all the options for late night delivery —Dominos, Cottage Inn, and Pizza House being the local go-to's for University of Michigan— I argue that there is another, very under-appreciated option that many are quick to overlook.

Jimmy John's.

Now hear me out. While a cold sub may not seem like something to out do a good ol' slice of pizza or take-out pasta — there's a magic to that sandwich that makes it a craving to scratch the itch you never knew was needed scratching. Of all the things you ever thought you needed, this one tops the list of unknown unknowns.

The #4 Turkey Tom. Turkey breast topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo preferably served on some nice french bread for that nice and crisp flavor. The entire sandwich, with its 4 simple ingredients, seems like nothing much but the tender combination of the turkey breast alongside mayo augmented tomatoes and lettuce makes for nothing short of a masterpiece. The cold cut state of the sandwich only lengthens the lifespan of the glorious 'wich before its inevitable and swift consumption at your hands.

It's that sneaking desire that you've got hidden behind your craving for pizza and take-out pasta, a life-enhancing experience just awaiting your call.

Give it a shot, I'm telling you it'll be worth it.

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