Jim Halpert Is NOT The Man Of Your Dreams

Jim Halpert from "The Office," or John Krasinski in real life, is an internet heartthrob. It seems like everyone I meet is in search of a real-life Jim and will settle for nothing less than Jim and Pam's epic office romance love story. Although I am all about setting high standards for your man, we need to think a little more critically about the jerk moves that Jim has done over the nine seasons of "The Office."

1. He was a straight-up bully to Dwight for 12 YEARS.

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Ok fine, some of his pranks were pretty funny and creative, but some were a little too mean-spirited and too frequent. Dwight was just a quirky guy trying to make it in the paper biz so he didn't have to rely on his beat farm for the sole source of income. Jim, please respect the American farmer and let him do his job! #TeamJim is encouraging bullying behavior and I do not support it.

2. His haircut for most of the series

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In the early years of "The Office," I found myself holding up scissors near my laptop screen just wanting to chop some of it off. I know he is a young millennial and the budget is tight, but I guarantee Sports Cuts could do better.

3. The timeline between his breakup with Karen and when he asked out Pam is sketchy af.

Yes, it can be assumed that after declining the corporate job he found Karen having lunch with her friends, broke up with her, then sped to Dunder Mifflin Paper Company to ask Pam out. But do we really know that, for sure? Also, either way, he was in love with Pam the entire time they were dating and basically just had fun and wasted Karen's time. (Might we remember, she moved to Scranton for him!) Let's face it, we have all been Karens at some point in time and that SUCKS.

4. He bought a house without telling Pam.

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That is a major life decision and should have been discussed as a couple. Yes, he did it in a romantic way, but what if she didn't like it? Or worse, what if Pam simultaneously bought another house without telling Jim? Then they would have owned two houses and have been in a lot of debt. Just some food for thought…

5. He proposed at a gas station.

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I get it, they just couldn't wait to get engaged any longer, but come on, a gas station… in the rain? That is the proposal they are going to tell Cece and Phillip about? Sorry, but my dream proposal needs to be at a slightly more glamorous location.

6. He tells everyone that Pam is pregnant during their rehearsal dinner

YOU'RE NOT EVEN and this was extremely uncool. Also, it was not a very hard secret to keep for one weekend. Pam is the bride and deserved to have her elderly guests at the wedding. (Yes, he did give a moving speech about their love story right before his epic mistake, but whatever).

7. He takes a job with Athlead and doesn't tell Pam.

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Honestly, most of season nine can be included into this. That was a shady move that should have rightly made Pam upset. They know EVERYTHING about each other and secrets are not part of their relationship, so this move was extremely uncool. Also, they are work buddies for life and this broke all of our hearts just a little.

8. He accepts the job in Philly, but sorta promises Darrell that he also has a job too and then ghosts him for TWO MONTHS.

This scene is cringy and makes everyone want to give Darrell a huge hug for Jim's horrible and careless behavior. He does, however, get him an interview months later and sorta turns it around. However, Darrell did drink away his sorrows one night and fall on a table, so we can all agree Jim's actions did have some negative consequences.

9. He got mad at Pam for not videoing the ballet recital.

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Technology is hard, and she tried her best! Also, he is the jerk that had to stay late at work and miss it. Pam was the good mom on time and had a seat front and center.

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But let's be honest, Jim is still a heartthrob, and I could make another list of the amazing things he has done. Only nine jerk moves in nine seasons, not bad.

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