What Doors Are You Keeping Open That Should Remain Closed?
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Student Life

What Doors Are You Keeping Open That Should Remain Closed?

When you allow certain things into your life you're welcoming the enemy in even if you don't realize it.


Last night before going to sleep I had a thought which was about hating going to sleep and having nightmares causing me to wake up in pure panic. I don't know what caused this thought, but it was something that grabbed and caught my attention as I was getting ready to lay down. However, I fell asleep almost immediately and woke up this morning refreshed and ready to get dressed for the day.

While I was sitting in my bathroom fixing my hair I immediately yelled for my husband saying, "I just remembered I had a dream, and I need to tell you right now!"

He walked in there and I just opened my mouth and I spoke. I spoke exactly what I saw in my dream and this was only the beginning of what the Lord would reveal as I reflected on my dream throughout the day.

My dream was very vivid.

In this dream I found myself sitting in a classroom filled with a teacher and several students. I had to use the restroom so I quietly got up and walked out of the door. As I was using the restroom I heard an announcement come over the inter-com, but I couldn't understand what it was saying.

As I walked back into the classroom the students were silent and still and there was almost a seriousness all around. The teacher spoke and said, "Satan is here and he is coming." I panicked instantly and went to huddle under the tables of the classroom.

My teacher noticed that the door was opened and told the student next to me to close it, but she spoke up saying that she wasn't the one who opened it therefore she couldn't be the one to close it. I know I was going to have to be the one to close it because I opened it, but I didn't want to. I wanted to stay hidden and safe from the enemy.

The enemy enters the room and he's dressed in black and begins to creep around, but nobody is even the least bit worried- except for me. Everyone had their eyes focused on the teacher trusting and knowing that he has them protected. He is giving them a peace and a calmness to stand still. He kept talking and I ended up having the boldness to stand against the enemy and shut the door that I opened.

I became face to face with the enemy as I walked to the door to close it, but he immediately opened it back up. This scene went on for a few more times before the dream must have faded out and I remember nothing more.

I texted a friend about this once I finished telling my husband. As I was typing it God began revealing so much more to me than I imagined coming from this dream.

The teacher is Jesus and the students were able to remain calm as long as they kept their focus and attention on Him. Through Him we find peace, stillness, boldness, grace, and so much more. The second I walked into the room I panicked even though all I had to do was focus on Jesus.

When we open doors that are bad we are welcoming Satan in.

He cannot harm us because we're protected by Jesus, but he can tempt us and distract us by instilling fear in our lives and filling our minds with fear.

But nobody can shut the doors we open ourselves- only we can. However, we don't have to do it alone. Jesus is with us and ready to fill our minds with the Truth. Jesus filled the student's minds' in my dream with the Truth and because they trusted Him knowing that He would protect them they were calm.

I was focused on my fear and the enemy initially, but once I began to seek the teacher and listen to his instructions I gained the boldness I needed to stand up against the enemy.

This is something we all probably know, but should serve as a reminder. When we focus on Him and keep our eyes pointed towards Him and His truth we become invincible. We become warriors ready to overcome the lies and strongholds the enemy tries to put in our minds.

So answer this- what door are you keeping opened that needs to be shut? Who are you looking to in your moments of chaos and struggle? Seek Him and you will find Him as He is already right there waiting for you with arms stretched out.

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